Taylor Swift Fearless

Taylor Swift Fearless

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Swifty always This album by Taylor Swift is one of her best ones! I love all of her albums, but this is one of her bestest!

It's 'ight In my opinion her newer albums are better than her older ones. This is her second album, but I think her album Tim McGraw is a bit better than this one. I gave this two stars because I feel like the songs on this album are repetitive and cliche. It's not her best, but it's certainlty not the worst.

Great songs This is a great album. I thought Taylor's music was much better in her earlier days so this album has some classic's on it.

Like it a lot I really like the songs, and the lyrics I am missing the need to put her album in the cd player and press the repeat button but other than that it was done very well.

I enjoy listening to Taylor's music. Most her music is something I can have on in the car with my girls and not worry about what they hear. Her current music I am not the biggest fan of, but I do have to say she has made a name for herself. She seems to be a smart business women and puts on a great show.

Wonderful album from a fantastic artist in her early days.

I love this album, I've had it since I was 13 years old. I'm honestly a huge swiftie but it's an album that was well deserving of that Grammy. the album has a sort of fairytale realistic theme to it and I love that about it. Almost all the songs are still relatable to me from 13 years old to now 21 years old. It will forever and always be a favorite of mine!❤️❤️❤️❤️🎶🎶🎶💁🏼💁🏼💁🏼

Love it Love her. Love the album. I have almost all her music. This is the kind of music you need when you have a broken heart and or just really wanna scream lyrics by yourself and feel great afterwards.

Who doesn't love T.Swift? She has such an amazing voice. Love the album and all of her music!

Some of her best work! This is my second favorite Taylor Swift album, after her next album, Speak Now. Looking back on the tracklist, there is not a single skippable song. I really wish she would go back to making this kind of music! :(

My favourite album of hers! Swift creates a feeling of intimacy among her peers, which precludes fancy rhetorical flourishes. But it's also in the music. Her melodies combine country, soft rock, and hard-edge folk to create a fine confessional mode.

Great to listen to I really enjoyed this album. It's sound is somewhere in between her old music and her current music style.

Good but could use work I liked this album, but I wouldn't listen to it on a daily bases.

Amazing Lyrics I love this album, Taylor Swift has always been a favorite of mine and this album is amazing!

Taylor Swift Fearless I had this album back whenever I actually liked Taylor Swift. This one has some pretty catchy tunes on it. I like the title song 'fearless.' I would recommend this CD.