Taylor Swift Fearless

Taylor Swift Fearless

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I don't think to much about her or her music it is al the same about young love and lost.

Not really a big Taylor Swift fan. Nothing is memorable to me.

I think this album sounds exactly like her first. Every song has the same theme.

Need to make the transition to the next maturity level. Success may suffer a little, but will be her possibility forfuture

didn't really enjoy this at all

Like her music! I don't like how she switched from country to hip hop, if you start country stay country! Just saying

Not really into her. She doesn't make any music ive enjoyed

I think she has an "okay" voice. But I can't disregard her personality when rating this. I think she is a very bad role model for girls because she portrays the "weak woman" stereotype that I, as a woman, want to end. So I am not a Taylor Swift supporter.

her lyrics are a huge turn off. If her voice was specially unique and outstanding I would give her that but unfortunately she is average in her talent.

not a taylor swift fan. every song sounds the same to me

Every song that Taylor has, sounds the exact same to me... Not a fan of Taylor Swift whatsoever

I do not like Taylor swift, I wouldn't recommend.

Not my favorite...

Not a fan if you wanna cry and remember old break up perfect album for you

If I have to hear 1 more song about a breakup or sob story I am going to puke in my mouth....I loved her at first but now she is getting on my nerves, every song sounds the same she is so pitchy, I am sorry but I am not a fan of this CD and it's pretty sad when my 11 yrs. old daughter doesn't like her anymore....she hasn't won any awards lately I don't think and that should tell you something right there....