Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks

Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks

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Love the easy access to the nail polish (right in the tube) and the color is soft enough for everyday use.

Opi rules!

i like the concept of these, however the only thing that i would change about them would be to change the applicator tip, the bristles seemed too big. other than that i thought that this product was pretty good

I reward myself with semi monthly manicures and this is the only polish that I like to use.

Love, Love, Love! This product is awesome. I got it is a dark purple. I was going on a trip and did not have time for a pedicure. I put this on quickly the night before and it was awesome. The color was great and dried quickly ( so no sheet prints). It lasted longer then 100 dollar pedicures. I felt it was easier to apply and made less mistakes. I went back and got it in more shades. It is now my favorite polish.

i really like this product. it is great for places like the car. i can get my nails done so much faster with this than regular nail polish. and there is no risk of it tipping over. but you do have to be careful how many times you click the top. works GREAT!!!!

dries fast and easy to use, can put on my sandles and apply. Get in the car and by the time I've reached my destination it's dry. great for my kids too!

Just bought one of these and I love it. It was so easy for me to use. I wish there were more colors though

i absolutely loved the color of it and it was very convenient but the brush could use some improvement, i couldn't be as precise in the corners and edges as i would've liked to.

i agree that the concept rocks, and although i normally paint, take off, repaint, take off, repaint my nails. . . . i do like the option off leaving it on rather than it chipping off an hour after i apply it.

This was an excellent easy to use product that applies super easily and well. Great for travelling and for a quick non-messy application. I also loved the color selection. Excellent idea!