Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks

Nicole by OPI Nic's Sticks

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My friend had one of these and I decided to try it. With one click way too much product came out and the brush didn't come on smoothly. I wouldn't waste the money.

This product was horrible expierience for me. this nail laquer dried out very fast and the brush got messed up

HATED ITTT left marks and hard to use

I tried three different colors when they first came out and hated them. The polish either didn't come out or came out in blobs, the brush got too easily ruined, and they dried up much faster than bottle polishes. I won't buy them again.

I did not like this at all. This is an awkward product at best. The brush is too thick to properly apply the polish. The pumping system is not practical, because it is almost impossible to pump while you have wet nails. It is definitely NOT fast drying. Drying took longer than most of my other polishes. I am really surprised at this product, because I love OPI. This Nic Stick is not up to OPI standards.

I think the concept is good, but this polish stick failed in many areas. The color I received, (white) was god awful and hard to achieve an even color. It was tacky for quite some time after applying. Either received too much or too little on the applicator. Overall, I felt like I had Elmer's glue on my nails after I was finished. The polish chipped off after a day. I guess they would be great for a touch-up.

Hate, hate, hate these. Have hated them since they appeared on the market. Watery, streaky formula with a crappy brush and the color in the box was hideous. I was pleased overall with my Cravebox but this was definitely a loser--I'd prefer to have the products in the box be something that's new on the market or a tried and true winner if they're going to include this type of product. Nic's Sticks have been around for a while and aren't that successful so...kind of a head scratcher as to why it was selected to be in the box.

I didn't like this product for a few reasons. Firstly, I didn't like the nude color I received. It looked yellowish on my nails. Secondly, the brush was too sparse so the polish didn't go on my nails neatly... it came out looking like a horrible mess. Thirdly, the way the thin polish came out onto the brush added to the messiness. It's not something I would use again.

I was very disappointed in the color that I got-blue. Really, I am a 30 something professional and I don't wear blue nail polish. I put in in my niece's stocking. Not something I would ever "crave".

I loved that it was an Opi product. I was excited to try it, I was given the clear coat and it had a really nice look on unpolished nails, but the smell was awful and that really surprised me. Even dry after a while it was nauseous. I had to take it off the smell was way too strong.

After reading the other reviews I'm confused and wonder if I got a totally different item in my box. The product I received was absolutely horrible. The polish was thin, the brush ridiculous, the smell horrible and the beige color just left my nails looking slightly yellowish and sick looking. It was like smearing smelly fungus on my fingernails. Disgusting! I love the idea but the execution was a joke. Just a big ICK! OH! And it took FOREVER and a heck of a lot of elbow grease to get the gross stuff off. I am the very opposite of a fan~

I like the concept but when I applied the product, it was difficult because the polish streaked and I couldn't get a clear consistency. I wouldn't purchase this product again.

hate these pain to apply with click button

these did not work very well and came off to fast. Goes on to thick and is messy

Not happy at all, reviews on tv are false