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Nip One, Tuck All

on Feb 20, 2009: I definitely think alot of plastic surgery these days is for career purposes (anti-aging procedures that is). That said, I have never understood why women like boob jobs so much. Thinner women tend to have smaller breasts, that is natural, and curvaceous women larger ones. Accept your bodies pe…

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Going to Great Lengths For Long Lashes

on Feb 20, 2009: This sounds really promising for those people with a deep wish for longer, fuller eyelashes. Personally I would want alot more clinical testing before I would try this product.

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Talking About Money Matters

on Feb 20, 2009: Talking about money is so important! I really like the idea of talking to a financial planner so that both people are on the same page. Otherwise too many things can go wrong. Personally with two salaries, I really like the idea of the percentage plan for expenses. The person making 70% of the …