Lipton Diet Green Tea

Lipton Diet Green Tea

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This is the best prepared/bottled diet green tea I've had, and I love that there isn't some weird artificial sweetener aftertaste, as can be found in some other diet drinks. This has a clean, fresh taste, and it's got just the right balance of green tea and sweetness. It's a refreshing drink and I find I'm drinking more of this now than my diet carbonated soda.

Green Tea is so healthy for you, I can not stress it enough. Helps burn fats from food you are eating and boosts your metabolism.

For a diet drink this green tea still has a very good flavor. It is a great alternative to sodas or sugary juices!

I love this drink. It is so refreshing and tasty! On a hot summer day or a cold winter this drink is perfect for everything!

This is one of my favorites! Love the taste and it's refreshing when it's really cold! The green tea taste is not so overpowering either!

Very good! Nice and refreshing taste! One of the very few diet bevereges that I enjoy drinking! Love it!

Its great This tea is not overly sweet, it has the nice mix of flavors in-fact I prefer this diet tea over the regular one. Which is funny because normally I go straight for the non diet products!! Who doesn't like the effects of green tea?!

Must trust Was never a fan of tea. Lipton changed that for me. love it!!!

Tasty Very good, I don't think it tastes like a diet drink.

Drank these a lot when I was trying to quit drinking soda. Tastes great, and probably a lot healthier than sugary sodas. Would definitely recommend!

awesome product for the diabetic in the family I keep this on chill and require coupons to keep in the fridge

amazing start to the day! really healthy and absolutely recommendable

I love this tea I drink it all the time and would recommend it to anyone

Rather brew my own tea but it would certainly be a go to if I don't have my own tea at reach.

I think it's great tasting I like only some flavors but that my taste buds.