Lipton Diet Green Tea

Lipton Diet Green Tea

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Nasty Nasty Nasty Honestly i thought lipton green tea was the worst drink ever until i heard they made diet. Nastiest drink ever. I tried giving it a chance... Biggest mistake ever lol. This is just my opinion.

I did not like the flavor and it had an after taste. The price is too high.

Can't stomach the diet version. This diet version of Lipton's green tea does not taste good at all. It has an after taste that's not pleasant. A better sugar free sweetener needs to be used.

I do not care for this item. It has an after-taste that I can't get past. For teas, I am not a fan of diet anything. Why can't it just be unsweetened? The artificial sweetener is overwhelming and I can't taste the tea.

Very pricey and tastes so bland! Not recommending this one.

This is delicious tea! I buy it at Walmart all the time! Sometimes I am lucky to find coupons for it in Sunday paper! But Walmart offers it for a reasonable price! It also helps me drop a few pounds! I would reccomend everyone give it a try! You won't be disappointed!

I like this beverage but it does kinda leave a after taste that I don't like.

I don't drink many diet drinks, but this tea is really great tasting and refreshing.

this was very good very lite taste will buy it again.

I think it's great tasting I like only some flavors but that my taste buds.

For as long as I can recall my family has used Lipton when making tea. I love having these green teas in a conventient bottle so you can grab one on the go. Great taste too.

This is the only tea I prefer to drink

Rather brew my own tea but it would certainly be a go to if I don't have my own tea at reach.

I really enjoy Lipton Diet Green Tea, particularly the citrus flavor. It taste really great straight out the fridge. My only complaint is that the bottles are often so hard to open, I have to use a pair of pliers to loosen the cap! I'd give you 5 stars if it were not for that!

I love the clean, crisp taste of this green tea. Nothing beats it chilled on a hot summer day!