Oreo Birthday Cake Oreos

Oreo Birthday Cake Oreos

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Artificial to the max Too sweet,too chemically,taste like they have no natural ingredients at all

Not my taste, but love Oreos Too sweet, did not like these. I always try the new products of a company that I already purchase from.

No thank you Did not enjoy. The cream has a weird chemical taste. I wanted to like this variety because original is always a winner. Only at two cookies to tree and left the rest in the break room at work.


I don't think I've gotten the taste out of my mouth yet of these things! The hubby went to the store by himself (smart idea right ladies?) and brought these back instead of the regular Oreos on the list. They don't even taste like birthday cake! They taste like... gross is about all that comes to mind.

Not a fan. Too sweet and weird taste. I'll stick with my regular double stuff Oreo's. Those are the jam!

Sounds better than it tastes This sounded good, but the taste just missed the mark. It's very sweet and artificial tasting. It has a strange chemical like taste.

I wasn't happy with these, the cake batter flavor was just strange and not very good. I like the original the best.

I love the fact that Oreo does the different varieties of flavors. The birthday cake Oreos are a bit on the strong side. The cookies your original chocolate cookie and the frosting is a very rich fun Feddie kind of frosting.

I think the only things that should ever taste like birthday cake is birthday cake, and birthday cake flavored Ice cream! Oreos shouldn't taste like birthday cake, and they don't. I wont buy these again, going to stick with my Mint Oreos :)

These are super sweet compared to original Oreos. Again they should stick with what is good and leave them alone.

Maybe I just like a classic but these werent really anything special. I didnt care for them at all.

Definitely has a birthday cake taste, but way too sweet and leaves a greasy residue in mouth.

Okay, but not the best It's an ok Oreo, but if you really want a birthday cake Oreo, go for the one that is the white cookie birthday cake Oreo.

Birthday Cake Oeros These Oreos taste a little too buttery to me. I prefer the regular dounless stuffed Oreos myself.