Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue

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Great stuff works on everything.

A little goes a long way and it works like a charm when you need to paste anything together.

We luv this stuff. yes it does expand and can get messy, but it is the best stuff out there.

Works great you just have to be careful that you do not use too much because as it dries it expands and can drip onto other items.

Great glue for fixing items that have broken. My husband just used it last night in a project that he was doing that needed glue to put it all together. He did get it on his hands though and it does not come off easily, you must be careful when using this product. Read the label and wear gloves if you have them available.

This is the best glue. I was iffy at first, I thought it was just another crappy glue with a tough name. I would recommend this anyone!!

Love this stuff!! i have used it on many many things and it holds well and is not messy, i bought this about 5 months ago for a figurine i broke and needed glue, so i would try this, 5 months later i used just under half of the bottle but the other day i went to use again and its all dried up and the cap was on good !!

This stuff is awesome! It can pretty much seal anything or fix anything!

I have used this glue on lots of things and it work great , best glue There ever was!

Love this stuff! My daughter recently broke the arm off of her favorite figurine...just a little plastic character but priceless to her. Gorilla glue worked where in the past "other" glues would not adhere plastic. It is great!

Wow! This stuff is so strong, I am almost afraid to use it for fear that I will glue myself to something!

This stuff Really does work...I Love it..

I drive dump trucks alot & there is plenty of bouncing & banging around in cab, i have used this Gorilla Glue for small plastic items that have broken n it holds them back in place like no other,

Me and hubby love this glue, it even worked on some shoes I was repairing, pads on the bottom of the mouse, even furniture and ceramic angel magnets, one or two drops does it, one drawback is that the drying time is too long, but other than that this glue is really strong holding, Gorilla Glue's the best.

Gorilla glue works on even kids toys. I used it on my crock pot that was cracked and it's held for almost a year.