Bumpits Hair Volumnizing Leave-in Inserts

Bumpits Hair Volumnizing Leave-in Inserts

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I love it. I think its a great product and I can use it with soo many styles

If you can perfect putting them in Bumpits can be your go to styling tool. They provide beautiful volume while being invisible (if put in correctly. It takes a few tries to figure out how to use them in the best way, but don't give up. Believe me the end results are definately worth it.

i do love the bumpits. the medium is my favorite.it does take time to put them in correctly but you can do so much with them

I found this a little hard to use at first but once I got the hang of it I fell in love. I am a cosmetologist and I use these all the time now for prom/wedding updos. Its a great product.

I've been using the bump-it for a very long time and find that I can't really do without it. My head is flat on top and so is my hair. So it needs a bump in the top back area. The bump-it works perfectly to fill that flatness and provide volume. And, yes, you can either tease it to keep it in place or hairspray the bump-it which works well also. I use the smaller of the two sizes provided and it does the trick for me because the shape of my head just happens to need this type of device. I would recommend it for people that require this type of help. Or people that just need extra volume.

I tried it. but i relly didn't like it.

well the bump it do work with some extra help hold a wide portion of hair and place the bump it a little farther back than normal just a tad put the portion in a clip put in bump clip while holding hair comb hold hair in place over bump it don't let go add extra holding spray then release

my sister bough this about a good year ago. and she has thin hair,. i would see her wear them all the time but she would constantly have to keep going to the bathroom to move it back in place. she would tell me its a hastle to wear them, she always alwys had to put in hair spray for it to stay on. i personally do not like them, they are not for thin hair, its nice if you put it in a few newer looks. but i wouldnt recommend :)

These are great if used correctly but can be difficult with many styles to master.

I saw the commercial on TV for the bumpits which you put in your hair. I tried to put the bumpit in my hair and it took some time to properly position my hair so that the insert wasn't showing. Some of the bumpits like the really small one and the large one looked really strange on me no matter how I styled it into my hair. The big one also didn't really fit my head the round part you put on the top of your head was to small making it uncomfortable.

I really wouldn't recommend this product. They looked so easy to use on the commercial. Bumpits come in only 3 color choices, and if you have a different color hair they tend to show easier. In my opinion you need very thick hair to fully cover the bumpit. They do give an attractive poof, but all in all show too easily, and a lot of hairspray is required in order to hide them.

My mom got me bump its a while ago. I wouldn't say it doesn't work on anyone. My aunt used mine and she looked just like the girls on the commercial. She looked great! While I looked horrible with the bump its on. It was hard to use and my hair looked messy and teased up horribly. For me its 1 star but since I saw my aunt looked fab I will give it 2.

I bought these due to my lack of being able to tease my hair, but the thing is you need much thicker hair to wear this because you can see it easily through your hair which is not cute plus you are checking it all through-out the day worried it's going to fall out even if secured with bobby-pins I still felt uncomfortable.

These don't work for me. I feel like I don't ever have enough hair to cover them. In fact, I was never happy with how my hair look turned out with them and never actually even wore them out of the house. Also I felt like the bump ended up looking too pointy and unrealistic. Don't waste your money.

this product is ok, but when i see people and myself use it i can always see it and it doesnt look good