Bumpits Hair Volumnizing Leave-in Inserts

Bumpits Hair Volumnizing Leave-in Inserts

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My friend had these and she never used them so she gave them to me and they do not work. I followed the directions to a T and they never stayed in place and could clearly be seen and I have very thick hair. Would not recommend this product to anybody. Glad I didn't spend my money on them.

Bump its are joke! I bought mine at the dollar general cheaper than advertised on TV. (and before I go on I will say they were BUMP ITS, and not another scam brand.) They were hard to use, and worse to remove. They are advertised, stating that you do not need to tease or back comb your hair, but that's not true, if you don't, your hair will fall weird on them and you have to do a lot to hide them. they really look sill. I'VE EVEN Youtube'd videos and people have the same problems. Bummer. Oh, well, I guess my snooki wanna look like days are over, that's trashy. lol A slight tease or bump is cute though!.

Ridiculous product, sad to say I purchased for $1, didn't work in my thick hair or my moms thin hair, who does it work on?????

this things are a joke, i would never recommend that anyone buy this product

I did not like it at all I could get more volume and natural looking height than with this piece of plastic, which is why they now sell it at the dollar store

I have got these a few times but could never get them to stay in place for the hole 8hr work day an could never get it to look haw they show it

I bought a package thinking it would give my hair a nice bump...that didn't happen!

They are ugly and make you self conscious all day wondering if people can see the stupid plastic thing under your hair.. I let my 6yr old sisters have them.

I was so excited years ago to try these. Tried it, and they went right back to the store. Hideous.

I wouldn't waste my money again.

Never stayed in right, and looked extremely lumpy. Did they even TRY to make it a usable product?

Worthless product dont buy this

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. No ma'am. Tease your hair & move on with your life.

This never worked on my hair.

Doesn't work for me, totally gimmick-or maybe it's just me who can't use it I'm not sure.