Farmville Facebook Game

Farmville Facebook Game

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I never liked Farmville thank goodness, it was very odd because everyother game I played but this one hmmm don't know why oh yes I do....maybe it's because even though I didn't play I would get a bazillion requests for this and that...

It was ok at first. then after the first few days it gets boring. nothing to do but wait for things to grow.

it was nice at first but i got bored very fast

Addicting. But shouldn't be cnsidered a video game.

It is a fun game. But can get boring if you don't have a lot of neighbors to help out by sending you what you need.

I always played Farmtown until someone told me to play Farmville, I was like sure why not. I really loved the game at first. Played for about a month then I just got sick of it. I don't even play it now, just was a waste of my town.

I feel in love then it turned to extreme dislike you need neighbors to give you items and then when you give you those items and it your turn to get something you need no one is willing to help ths game would be better if you played alone without the need others,yuck

I was so mad when I realized how much time I was wasting on this game I was pretty far helping other people do jobs and such and one night (when my 3 children were sleeping) I set my alarm for 3 in the morning to harvest something and it was at that point I realized that I should be putting my efforts into something else! My kids would always ask me if I was farming but I didn't realize how much time I was on it! So I sold everything on it ( SO i wouldnt be tempted to go back) and bought red hay bales and spelled out "OUT LIVING LIFE, JOIN ME"

I think it's a not good game

To my kids it was an okay game it entertained them for a while. They didn't really like it too much.

I love the game. I've been playing it for about a year. I am a little disappointed that more and more of the items require purchased farm cash rather than earned in-game coins.

I played Farmville for a year or so. Eventually it became too time consuming and I decided to move on. I think everyone should at least give it a try and see how they like it.

Okay...I admit I was suckeD into the Farmville abyss in late 2010,due to numerous invites from like,everyone!and I had more time on my hands!But as much as people are having "fun?"...I found it time consuming!You sit on your butt doing...hmmm...nothing!Also I have to say the biggest issue,other then the drain on your brain cells and time sucked away here,was the laG my computer got from adware/spyware,virus' name it!And I have Norton 2011...but no matter will get somethinG!Many people I know have had somerthing shut down the entire computer to a crawl or just shot down totally!Although you get to "get away from the norm" in life...its a pathetic way...I know people who puT actual money into this "addiction"....lots of it!And the time spent is sickening!I feel if its fun,go ahead...but do liVe your life!If you are sitting on your butt for more then an hr or two...not good!The same for all video games really....Its a digital world and people are too easily satified by siting and getting sucked into it all!

While the game can be addicting, it's basically just a waiting game. Between that and having to ask neighbors (friends) to help you complete some tasks, it can be a little boring. However, there is a lot of room for creativity with how you decide to decorate and there are many activities which you can do within the game.

I really enjoy facebook games, however the lag that farmville has acquired is very annoying. Also, there are WAY too many things going on at once. As soon as i begin to finish one thing, another building is released. /: Also! the amount of requests needed to do everything is ridiculous! I always feel like i'm bugging everybody when i play. I would recommend it to a friend because it doesn't take energy to do everything, unlike cityville, frontierville, mafia wars, etc. I usually play while i'm waiting for my energy to replenish, if i have nothing else to do. Don't get me wrong, i do like farmville, it's just that its not my favorite