Farmville Facebook Game

Farmville Facebook Game

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Get your own plot of land for $0 down where you can build, and plant what ever makes you happy. That just dosen't exest in the real world any more at least not for most of us. You can grow berry's or flowers. Gift trees to your friends, and even help tend there farms. Farm Ville helps fill a nurturing void in a very zen way. It's a great way to add a calm break to your busy day.

All i can say is I love It, Love It , Love it!!! very addicting

I love playing the games and it is time consuming.

I love this game, its something I look forward to playing everyday.

I love this game. I play it everyday even if it is only a few minutes.

I love it!! Been playing since it first launched, it can be addicting at times, just use your time wisely. Every time I start to get bored, they start something new, for i have finish a level over the hundred mark, and looking for the new events they are always doing.

I play it everyday!

I know a lot of people who play farmville and what I have come to notice is that you have to click A LOT and you have to be on at a certain time (depending on the seed you planted and the certain amount of time it takes to finish growing)...It's definitely time consuming, but if you have the time, from what I hear, it is fun.

I liked it when I was playing, there were some techinal issues with Zynga and I just don't have time to play games on the compute anymore but I do recommend it. It was fun.

I love the game and most of my neighbors are really good. What I do not like is that they (Zynga) is always having technical problems and using Internet Explorer is always shutting down

way adictive game.... love playing it but free games online should be truly free if you play and want nice things you have to purchase credits and that makes it not free....

LOVE the game, but major upset with all the problems with inability to complete quests, etc.

I have played Farmville for a couple of years now on and off. It is an enjoyable game. I stop playing when the site is having trouble and it is hard to do anything and then come back again later when it is fixed. If you ever wanted to live the farmer life and just don't have the money it is the game for you. I have learned that it is almost impossible to do all of the quests that they want you to do on Farmville unless you spend a lot of time on facebook playing the game. Unfortunately, I do have to work and I am not able to spend as much time on the game.

I'm addicted to this game. It takes some getting use to and you have to have friends that play too or you cant really play successfully. I really love this game and it's the best that I have found in this type of game genre.

I played everyday for about a year. Very addicting. Fun to play with friends and family. The downside is all the cool items require farmville cash.