Mereadesso Woman Skin Care

Mereadesso Woman Skin Care

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I agree with other people that the smell is a huge turn-off. I just don't understand why these skin products are so expensive and they can't manage to have a nice fragrance. Won't be recommending... or using.

Why does this have to smell so bad? I won't use it because I can't stand the scent! I wish I could give it zero stars!!

I seriously hope this is the last Mereadesso product I ever have the opportunity to try. I was very excited that there was going to be a facial cream in the cravebox for January - until I saw the brand. The texture is something I could live with. The odor is not. I was going to give it 5 days but didn't make it two. It may be a wonderful product but it's just not for me.

Probably the worst product I have ever used. I was totally bummed when I saw I had received yet another mereadesso product. I "hated" the one in the Dec cravebox, but went with an open mind to use the face/neck toning gel from the Jan cravebox. Please, please, please do not send us any more mereadesso products. The toning gel was disgusting looking -- this green sludge came out of the bottom -- the smell was just as bad (just like the body cream). I did use the gel on my face against my better judgment. I smelled the unpleasant scent for about an hour. I won't be using it again. Wish I could leave zero stars

I have to agree with what so many others have noted about the smell. It smells like it is old product that has been around toooo long. I can't handle the smell. I tried it twice and can't get past it. I will stick with my Olay face moisturizer which costs less than 10% of this product.

Oooh, not a fan! While I have used it in the hopes of seeing a difference in my skin (which hasn't happened), the consistency and scent have much to be desired. I have not even touched the Mereadesso lotion from the December box. Possibly try a different product line next time?

I do not care for the smell. Last month the lotion seemed "rancid" and not this lotion smells funny too. Is it suppose to smell this way?? Are we getting OLD product or what?

Smells bad! I would return this product if I bought it in the store. I would certainly have contacted the company to tell them that their product stinks literally! Threw the product in the garbage

Extremely disappointed. This product is NOT a gel. I can't believe that it's worth as much as the list price. It is such a thin liquid that it just runs down my fingers and I basically waste most of the product trying to apply it. I also don't need a toning gel at all, so this is worthless to me.

Very disappointed. After I liked the lotion so well, I was very excited to open mine. WHen I tried to pump it out, first of all the smell was very off to me. Second, it was quite separated, even after shaking it well. My guess is that the bottle that I - and some of the others - received was rancid. Otherwise, I can't imagine the others giving it such a great review, as unpleasant as it is.

I cannot believe they sent more of this brand. It smells just as bad as the lotion from last month. It is not high end. It feels sticky on and I could not wait to wash it off. I am seriously thinking about unsubscribing to cravebox. This whole box was a joke.

the scent of this product is a turnoff, and I do not like the consistency especially for a face product, I am however enjoying the feel of the skin on my feet as I have been using it nightly , then donning socks before going to bed

I can't say whether it works or not because I have only used it for a few days, but ...... I am like many others the smell is almost like it is old or something. Some have said that they like the smell, it makes me wonder if some of us did get an old or bad batch. When I first squirted it out it was runny and green, I thought maybe it needed to be primed, but it is still runny and green, not at all a gel. I will continue to use it (I guess) for the price of it, I am hoping that it will do something. The scent does go away after it soaks in, which isn't long. I also was happy to see us getting something for the face, just wish it was something else.

I really wanted to like this, but it just didn't click for me. I found it difficult to apply and use, and I can't imagine paying what it costs. Sorry, but this one was a miss for me.

Because I haven't used this product very long I gave it a 2 star review for the days I have used it so far. The first thing I want to comment on is the scent of the product. Its a scent I do not like, it smells like medicine and also has a stale scent to it. The bottle and packaging makes this face and neck toning gel look expensive, but the scent does not. Another thing when I first pumped it this green liquidy stuff came out of the bottle, i guess I wasn't prepared for that. It looks kinda disgusting. On the other hand, the product did my skin feeling soft after I applied it. I'm going ot continue to use it to see how it works.