Mereadesso Woman Skin Care

Mereadesso Woman Skin Care

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The consistency of this product is very strange. It is sort of sticky and dries on the skin instead of absorbing. It helped with my frown lines though, so I've just been applying it on my t-zone and it has been working really nicely. However, for the high price tag, it may be wise to invest in a product that is more multi-faceted.

I just finished my first bottle. I notice a HUGE improvement on my forehead lines. I didn't think I would ever buy the product with a $120 price tag, however, I have had a change of heart. This is the first product that has ever made a difference in these lines. I'm amazed! I would have rated higher but the price really deters me.

After leaving a negative review on this product, I was contacted by Linda at Mereadesso and given a second bottle that she personally tested prior to sending to me. I must say, the second bottle smelled better than the first, but I still wasn't crazy about the scent of it. I decided to try the product out and am very happy with results. My skin is soft and smooth and I noticed that it actually exfoliated my skin as well. I would recommend this product to my family and friends, I am very happy with the results!

I really do like this product, but the cost is so high I could not afford to replenish the supply once it is gone. I like to use it on my neck and chest moreso than my face because the scent is not that appealing. But it does go on so smoothly, and I love the way my skin feels after applying it.

I'm not a fan of the initial smell but it goes away! It has become part of my daily routine and I have noticed a difference!

This toning gel is nice to put on before applying makeup. I notice if I put it on before my makeup I get a nice matte finish, where I don't with other moisture products. I have noticed a little more radiance in my face since using it. The fragrance isn't the best but not the worst either and the benefits are worth it.

Have been trying this since I received it. Interesting smell to it (not bad but also not good) but not sure I would purchase it for 120.00 as I'm not sure I have seen any difference in my skin

There was something about the smell of this product that turned me off. It was slighty sticky until it was absorbed. Lotion had a thin consistency, which was fine and easy to apply.

The gel is light and easy to apply however at times feels sticky. I like the natural ingredients within the product. I will agree with some other comments. I did not like the body cream/balm sent in Decembers box however this product better suited my needs and interests.

Nice smell and it went on smoothly. For the price I would not buy it again but it was worth the price of the Cravebox for sure. I like that it is light and dries quickly so that you can apply your moisturizer and makeup right on it.

I have been pleased with this product so far. I probably would not buy it due to the price, but I have been using it and my skin really seems to like it. I love the smell, too, and the consistency seems to be just right. At first I thought it was a little runny, but then I discovered that if I shook it up before dispensing it was thicker.

Loving this face and neck toning gel. Not what I would label a "gel" as it is very thin and runny. But my skin feels fantastic. The smell isn't all that noticeable either. After using once or twice a day for about a week, the skin under my eyes is so much softer and the lines are way smoother looking. A definite inprovement. Notice a difference on my neck as well. Very happy with this product.

Consistency is a little thin, but i do like the fact that it is not greasy and seems to be absorbed by my skin rather quickly. I have not seen much of a change as of yet but to be honest I don't use it every day. I have the type of skin that makes me break out if I use to much product on my face. The smell is also not really pleasant but I was able to get past that pretty quick.

I have only used the Mereadesso face and neck toner a couple of times, but it seems to be exfoliating my face quite well. The smell is better than the lotion we received last month from the same company, but could still use some improvement. I don't think I will ever purchase this product because of the price $120.00! I think I can go to wallyworld and find something similar for a lot less. I do like that they use botanical extracts, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants just wish the price was reasonable.

So far I like the Mereadesso toning gel. Being in skincare I know alot of really good products don't exactly smell the loveliest! This one might fall under the not to pleasant smell category but I can tell it is smoothing my skin and lines. I put it on after washing my face. I apply it with a cotton round and apply it to my neck and face. So far it does make my skin feel smoother. I am prone to acne and it hasn't really helped in that sense. But it is has left my skin feeling soft and silky. I'm not giving it 5 stars because of the scent. It's not a huge problem for me but I can see other's not liking that about it.