Tide  Stain Release Duo-Pac

Tide Stain Release Duo-Pac

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How many time have you said or thought, "Oh that is going to leave a stain" or "That will never come out"? You sped good money for your cloths investment. Only to have your favorite shirt ruined by a drop of ketchup right smack in the center. Well I think I have found the product to help me worry less about the food stains on our cloths. Tide Stain Release gel packs are so convenient. I placed one packet in the wash with cold water. Added my stained clothing with food stains, ketchup, spaghetti sauce, chocolate ice cream sauce along with a lot of dirty socks. I am very picky about my laundry. So I was completely impressed by the results. The stains come out, without my having to pre-soak or scrub. So well in fact the set in stains (months old) from the bibs faded. I have high hope they will fade even more with the next wash. As for this grandmother, I will continue to use Tide Stain Release. I recommend Tide Stain Release to busy mom's with active children. Makes for one less step in the quest for clean cloths.

Received this product from a free promotion and It worked great! Would definitely buy this, just wish it wasnt so expensive

All in a day of play...red wine spill, grass stains and chocolate drool. All washed out without pretreating. Haven't priced it yet but love the way it works and will be watching out for coupons.

Works Great...

Amazing! Welcome to Little League in April/May home of the Mud Stains! After a muddy day at baseball I immediately google "how to remove mud stains" and was ready to go with my home remedies when I remembered I had received a sample pack in the mail so I gave it a go and tossed the caked on muddy clothes into the washer with a tablet and like a miracle ALL the mud stains came out. I'm not sure the price but Tide always has great coupons, I'll be putting them to good use!!

I received this product this week as part of Tides giveaway promotion for this product. I love it! My girls are magnets for stains and pretreating is so time consuming and it take alot of my regular go to product to cover the damage they do to their clothes. I was a bit nervous to try because my kids clothes do get so soiled but I was so relieved to see all the stains were GONE! Leaving the clothes with an added fresh scent that my whole family noticed. Yes, this product is a bit pricey but I feel definately worth it given the results. But as recommended on package if you have larger heavier soiled clothes you definately should use two.

I love these. I do laundry just about everyday and between a husband whose clothes get INCREDIBLY dirty at work, a child and a baby these seem to make my whites and lights extra clean. Ill use them all the time.

It worked very well! I'd rather use this than stain treat every spot on every item...saves time and the clothes come out clean!

This is a must in our house. my husband is a well driller and gets so muddy/greasy. This stuff really does help keep the stains out. It doesn't always make the stains disappear, but it certainly helps lift and get rid of the grease. I had a few grease splatters from cooking on my favorite t shirt, and it took them out!

I love Tide and have used it for years there is no other product out there that works as well as TIde. I always buy it in the bulk if I can. My favorite is with softener its the best !!!. my sisters now buy it because I gave them Tide for Xmas it was Awesome they said, and have used ever since. Zazzygirl,

This stuff works great! hubby got chicken wing sauce on his new white tee & washed it the next day with this & it looked like new! Also works great on grandsons clothes, cleans out the formula stains from days before!

I love tide and always have! These boosters absolutely made my clothes feel and look cleaner they were a win win and reasonably priced too (:

makes my clothes come out clean the first time unlike my usual detergent

I received this as a Tide Giveaway and after trying it on a load of dark clothes (some had grass, soil stains) I've been using it on all my loads. I just drop one packet in the wash after the water, clothes & Tide Liquid detergent and I don't have to worry about my clothes coming out clean. I do use Tide Stain Release on really stubborn stains but have see a difference on how my brighter an clean my clothes have been since using the Tide Stain Release packets.

I really like this product I have two boys under two and it seems to get out any stains they create without having to pre treat or worry about spot treating. You just add them to your wash.