Yummie Tummie Shaper Tank Tops

Yummie Tummie Shaper Tank Tops

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dont think i would pay this much for a top.

tummy is a problem area for me and somthing like this would be good.

Boy, Do I need to try this product!! Where do you find it?

i really want to try this

Very cute and form fitting. Perfect for wearing under a shirt and slimming down.

Sounds very comfortable great ideal

These are great shapewear! I love the way they fit and they are also comfortable. They aren't too expensive and they wash well. Just an all around good shape

I just purchased one of these tank tops. I have a wedding to attend and wanted to smooth things out some. I bought the shorter one and wish I had gotten the longer style. I plan on purchasing more in the future.

I would like to try this product myself!

I loved the way it made me feel! In just seconds my tum-tum was flat....make you want to second guess doing those crunches at night before bed!!!

Ok, gals, I'm on a mission...I'm headed to Marshall's, TJMaxx and Ross, until I find them! Thanks for the tips!

I love these!! I have two white ones and one black and believe me I wear them daily, they smooth all the little bumps or pudges and I feel very put together when I have them on under my blouses ;I also feel more concealed and these help avoid those moments where the blouse has that deeper v neck or scoop neckline.

I bought a similar product at Wal-Mart that also had a built in bra. I LOVE it!

I wear these all the time, they really do tame that tummy too!! I wear them under all of my clothes every time I go out. and don't worry, because they are really comfortable. If you havent' you should buy these TODAY!