Yummie Tummie Shaper Tank Tops

Yummie Tummie Shaper Tank Tops

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Very cute and form fitting. Perfect for wearing under a shirt and slimming down.

these are very cute and also really do shape.

This sounds like it would be a wonderful addition to ANY wardrobe. Layering is definately in right now and if this can offer a dual purpose that is even better. I would love to have one of these to add to my own wardrobe as I wear tanks under almost everything.

Sounds very comfortable great ideal

This shirt is a smart idea! Love how it sounds comfy but still works.

This shirt is a smart idea! Love how it sounds comfy but still works. Thinking about buying one for myself. :)

Great for the hospital and right after you have the baby . Really makes you feel like yourself again

This looks like a fabulous product. I would love to try it!

This looks like a great product, cannot wait to try it.

comfortable and the fabric is supportive and dri fit....love the colors, easy to wear

I LOVE TANKS.....and the shaper one's are AMAZING !!!! luv luv luv....these are a must all seasons of the year!

These are great shapewear! I love the way they fit and they are also comfortable. They aren't too expensive and they wash well. Just an all around good shape

I wear these all the time, they really do tame that tummy too!! I wear them under all of my clothes every time I go out. and don't worry, because they are really comfortable. If you havent' you should buy these TODAY!

I never saw myself as one who would wear a tummy tamer til I read about and tried this Yummie Tummie tank. It was amazing to me to see the difference it made. I love it. I now have two. I highly recommend it. It works without cutting off my air!

Wonderful for smoother shape - and warmth too!!