Ghirardelli  Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Filling Squares

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Filling Squares

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I received my "samples" today of the Ghirardelli Squares - Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Filling :) We thought the squares were perfect - right combination of milk chocolate and peanut butter filling! Will definitely purchase this product for a couple of people on my Christmas list!

This chocolate melted in my mouth and has such a wonderful flavor. The mixture of chocolate and peanut butter tasted like the best buckeye I have ever had. When you have a chocolate craving this would be a good choice to calm that craving

I would definately buy again I would also recommed it to anyone that wants a choc fix especially with peanut butter

This is a wonderful product. I have had the pleasure of enjoying a variety of Godiva chocolates in my time, and these squares are right on par! If you price compare Godiva to Ghirardelli you will realize these are actually very CHEAP, rather than pricey. Great price for what you get. Delicious.

I thought the peanut squares were fabulous!! I ate all of them...I just couldn't stop at one.

These were amazing--silky chocolate and peanut butter that had lots of roasted nut flavor--not your average peanut butter treat!

This was a great product and would recommend them to all my friends.

What a great treat! Packages are easy to open, attractive and keep the chocolate fresh. Only problem is that these are super addicting. They are worse then potato chips, so stock up with multiple packages that way you are prepared!

A delicious high quality treat. Fills your sugar craving and is so smooth you cant eat just one. Better than Reeses PB cups because the texture is incredible

I really liked this product. It was a peanut butter cup for adults, which was surprising. It was so creamy and melted in your mouth.

Really liked it. Family also liked it. Usually a fan of dark choc, but the peanut butter won me over. It is a tasty treat.

The chocolate is smooth and creamy, as you would expect but the filling is what makes the mouth say give me more! I think the peanut butter flavor is very good, can you put more in there please?

It was delicious! The perfect portion. Not too sweet. Almosty like a Reeses, but much better.

very good,looking to buy more in future

Yum!! Giradelli is worth the extra bucks- premium chocolate is the best. A worthwhile luxury.