Ghirardelli  Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Filling Squares

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Filling Squares

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While peanut butter and chocolate is a favorite candy combo for me, and while I am a big fan of Ghiradelli chocolates, I did not like the taste or texture of this product. I would advise sticking to the classic Reeses' cups in the future.

I did not care for these. I, like a few others here, thought the chunky peanut butter did not go with the smooth richness of the chocolate. A smooth meltaway type of peanut butter would have worked better for them in this thin format. I'll stick to their caramel squares even though my preferred flavor is peanut butter.

I appreciated this sample when it came in the mail. But I wasn't very impressed with this chocolate. It was ok as far as the chocolate goes, but the peanut butter filling wasn't good at all. It had a tiny crunch in the peanut butter and the flavor wasn't that great. I am partial to Lindt and Godiva chocolate myself.

I'm not a fan. I love Ghiradelli products but the peanut butter tasted bad in these samples. I will not buy this flavor.

I did not care for these at all but I absolutely love the mint squares

Although, I absolutely love Ghirardelli, I am not a fan of peanut butter. I felt the delicious texture and taste of the Ghirardelli milk chocolate was ruined by the peanut butter. Albeit, that is because i do not like peanut butter.

I am not really impressed by Ghirardelli chocolates. They are way expensive and taste no better than hersheys to me.

I am a fan of Ghirardelli products so I was unexpectedly disappointed with this product. The peanut butter is too sweet and not dense enough. It is crunchy, but not convincingly so. I SO wanted to like this product, as I love both chocolate and peanut butter. I think the filling just does not meet Ghirardelli standards. I think a higher quality peanut butter would make these squares SING!

I love the chocolate, but did not care for the peanut butter flavor. I guess I am just a caramel fan.

I did not care for it, and I love peanut butter and chocolate. But this tasted more like a toffe crunch rather than peanut butter.

Not the best of Ghirardelli's flavors. The peanut butter was hardly there at all, and not that tasty. The chocolate wasn't very tasty either, unless warmed in my hands first.

melts super fast and way to gooey

I love ghiradelli chocolates but didn't like this one, I really don't care for peanut butter. Also its pricey.

This was gross. I love ghiradelli chocolate andbi love peanut butter but this combination was just disguisting

Too sweet for me. I prefer dark chockolate