iPotty: Great Potty Training Tool or Something Our Kids Should Do Without?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 16, 2013

Ever since the recent unveiling of the iPotty parents have had a very mixed response either expressing love and relief that the product would soon be on the market or a kind of disappointed disgust over how tech saturated we’ve become. The iPotty itself looks a lot like any other training potty except of course for the outstretched part in front that is specifically designed to hold an iPad for all of our toddler’s toilet viewing needs.

Many of the parents who are showing love for the new innovation in toilet training are the ones who have already spent a lot of time trying to get their little ones toilet trained. The truth is that some kids take to potty training very easily, while others have a more difficult time - leaving their parents to try just about every trick in the book.

$PullQuote$Maria Zimmitti, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in in Washington, D.C. who works with kids and parents, explains to Today how something like a little TV or iPad can be a useful tool to aid potty training techniques. Zimmitti says, “I have certainly recommended the iPad for parents as an incentive for their child to sit or go on the potty. The point is, we want to make them successful and proud of themselves. If the technology works to reward their behavior, there’s nothing wrong with using it.”

But others see the new iPotty as just another unnecessary place for kids to be connected to technology. Marie Jane Williams explains on the Washington Post’s parenting blog how she believes the iPotty is a step in the wrong direction and will just aid in making our kids too reliant on technology. Williams writes, “They can’t spend a couple of minutes in the bathroom without a video or game to keep them company? Do we really want children to grow up thinking that they can and must be engaged and entertained at all times?”

What do you think of the new iPotty? Is this something you would consider using while potty training your toddler?

Do you think it can be a useful tool to aid in potty training or is it something our kids should do without?

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honorstudent9 by honorstudent9 | Long Beach, CA
May 07, 2013

I think this would be a useful tool. My 2 year old has a very short attention span and I believe this would keep her entertained long enough to potty train her.

dawn132 by dawn132 | MOORCROFT, WY
Apr 30, 2013

i wouldn't use it, children should be using the potty time to figure out whats going on and what you should be doing while in the bathroom.

metrafuel by metrafuel | HAMMOND, IN
Feb 23, 2013

honestly i prefer not to use training things like this because 85 percent out off 100 percent of kids that adjut naturally to anything actually are smater than the other 15 percent of kids. so just try to help your kid adjust naturally.

dainesh by dainesh | TYLER, TX
Feb 19, 2013

I hink this would be interesting. I would consider using it to potty train my son.