Makeup that Won't Melt

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Makeup that Won't Melt
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Melting, sliding makeup is NOT the look we’re aiming for, clearly. But that’s often the sad result after a long day. Add in some heat, humidity or stress and the fresh face you wore when you left home winds up a shiny, clumping disaster by noontime.

Skindinavia’s finishing sprays can put an end to the makeup meltdown. Created by Allen Goldman, these sprays set your makeup to keep it looking flawless all day long. Just a few spritzes will do the trick. The secret is in the surface-cooling technology, which draws heat from the surface of your skin and prevents makeup from sliding into your pores, wrinkles or blemishes. Skindinavia’s 10 Years Younger formula works to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and it contains six moisturizers to combat dry, powdery makeup. There’s also No More Shine, which is designed to provide a matte finish and control shine on oily and combination skin.

Professional makeup artists are big fans of Skindinavia’s sprays, particularly for actors subjected to hot lights and long days. The product recently won Bride Magazine’s 2010 Beauty Award in the makeup category. But it’s not just for the pros. “It keeps your makeup on and looking fresh all day,” says Ashley Lojko, who wrote to tell us about Skindinavia. Our own Kate McLeod, who used Skindinavia at a special wedding she attended, looks terrific (shown here with her daughters).


So…on life’s daily stage, this little spritzer is the perfect supporting prop.

Do you have difficulty keeping your makeup fresh?

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  • gentryk1 By gentryk1

    Sounds great but not in my budget. I also have a problem with most products breaking me out.

  • steffyt By steffyt

    I am curious about this product now. There is nothing worse that having my amke-up slide off my face everyday. I am not sure about the price tag though. i would need some serious positive reviews to purchase a product with a price tag this high.

  • Gin257 By Gin257

    my makeup usually lasts all day. This would be good for when it is hot and humid!

  • MadHatter By MadHatter

    sounds like an awesome produce with a steep price tag....when they mention little spritzer, i have no doubt its probably small...6OZ for $39.00

  • EeeCees By EeeCees

    Sounds good....but what are the ingredients and are they carcigenic?

  • Clarebear1989 By Clarebear1989

    That would be great to find something that truly works ... I have very fair but some what patchy skin most make up is so obvious looking when it starts to wear off

  • calliemom By calliemom

    This sounds like an awesome product . I have never heard of it before now . Would love to give the finishing spray a try .

  • suzyQ64 By suzyQ64

    I have the worst time in keeping my makeup on. I hve tried everything imaginable but nothing works. Everytime I read a new way of keeping it on I try it and to no avail it does not work. I am at my wits in. I want to look nice at my age with everything else going south I would like to have a pretty face.

  • Princezzz By Princezzz

    Yes, I like to look nice,but it's hard to look good with a sweaty,shiny,patchy face. I have tried many foundations and I seem to be wasting good money. I have come close, but close is not fresh.I know age is a factor but i've seen women much older than I with a nice even tone.

  • shorty2flyy By shorty2flyy

    My foundation doesn't last more than 3hrs. I haven't been able to find any that last, so I don't wear it and hate that!

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