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False Memories

False Memories

Many of us remember the controversy stirred up last year by an up and coming writer named James Frey. The best-selling author came under fire when he was accused of fabricating many details in his so-called memoir “A Million Little Pieces”.

One of many tall tales the author told was that he spent 87 days behind bars for an altercation he had with a police officer while high on crack and intoxicated. A popular media website released evidence that this account was entirely false and James Frey spent a few hours at a police station after a minor traffic accident.

Perhaps the most damaging and memorable blows to James Frey’s memoir was the interview he gave Oprah Winfrey after allegations were brought up against the book’s credibility. Winfrey voiced the anger and betrayal she felt toward Frey after including “A Million Little Pieces” in her television book club as a must read.

Though many thought Frey would never be published again after such a shameful media frenzy played out around him last year, this theory has recently been proven wrong. Harper Collins has struck a deal with James Frey to publish his new book, “Bright Shiny Morning” to be released in the summer of 2008.

The deal Harper Collins struck is probably not as much of a gamble as one may think. Frey’s book agent is quoted in a New York Times article as saying, “quite literally every house in New York City called and asked to see it.”

What do you think of the events that took place last year surrounding James Frey’s falsified memoir?

Do you think you will read James Frey’s new book knowing what you know of his past?

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  • StaceyD By StaceyD

    I have no interest in reading his new book, especially after what happenned with the first one.

  • stacymouse By stacymouse

    I still enjoyed his first book and don't really care if it was fiction or non-fiction so I'd give the next one a chance. I thought he was a decent writer regardless.

  • htownwife By htownwife

    i was so disappointed, being in recovery myself, i couldnt even finish the book after i found out. I own it and have never finished reading it.

  • sharman421 By sharman421

    Writers are writers, regardless of the contents or the veracity of their books. His last book of so-called falsehoods created 'much ado about nothing'!

  • loobelle1977 By loobelle1977

    i'll absolutely read his next book. it's a book - doesn't really matter if it's real event or not. just entertainment. and pretty good entertainment at that!

  • dpackup By dpackup

    I had actually already read the book before any of the stuff came out on Oprah. The only thing that bothered me was like Roxana said above about being in recovery herself. I have a history of recovery many many years ago but in this type of thing we almost feel betrayed is hard to describe really. I guess when you read or relate to someone along the recover lines we let our guard down and feel a bond of sorts. To find out it was all for nothing is quite a bad feeling.

    Unless his book is about something I am interested in I won't read it but that is no different than any other book with me.

  • bethanyb07 By bethanyb07

    I don't think I'd read it. Sounds like he's trying to feed off of the publicity stunt his first book created.


  • sweetfox By sweetfox

    I did not read the first book and I doubt I would read the second book. He exaggerated events during his so called addiction and got lots of money while doing it. It's unfair that he claimed his book was about true life events when it was not, the reason so many bought into it was his despair at hitting rock bottom (or so I've heard since I have not actually read the book myself). I bet many of us are guilty of exaggerating past events. Where it really seems to cross the line for many of us is when it is then published as true life events when it is not. He could have just as easily said his book was BASED on true life events but still partly fictional. I mean really!

  • twinmamma By twinmamma

    I read the first book before the negative publicity came out. Like someone stated above, it was a good read. Gave me some empathy for my dad who is a recovering alchoholic. Wether the book was fiction on non it was still a good read. Was I disappointed that he overly embelished his life story and considered it a memoir, yes I was.

  • monkey7 By monkey7

    I read his first book and could not put it down - not sure why people are outraged. James was on drugs no one disputes that when did a junkie ever get credit for being super honest and telling the truth (doesn't this build a case for what we tell our children - drugs play games with your mind). You are missing out on a good read it does no matter if it is truth or fiction.

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