And Then (After Many Many Tries) There Are Three

   By drodriguez  Oct 05, 2008

For many people, becoming pregnant is a quick and natural process. Some couples decide they want a child and within a month or less they have conceived. For others this process takes longer, and for some it will never happen the natural way no matter how hard they try.

The problem of infertility was at one time always thought to be exclusively a woman’s issue. But now, with advancements in medical technology we know that lack of fertility affects both genders equally.

For a woman ovulation disorders, blocked fallopian tubes, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, and a few other conditions may affect her ability to conceive. A man experiencing the inability to reproduce may have a low sperm count, ejaculation disorder, or other immunological factors.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics 6.1 million women ages 15-44 have an impaired ability to have children. And an even higher number of women (9.3 million) are using fertility services in this country.

Not that long ago, when a couple was faced with fertility issues it meant that conception was impossible. Nowadays, most people turn to fertility treatment if they have attempted to conceive a child for one year or more with no success. There are many new and effective types of treatments available to help couples who may have trouble conceiving ranging from simple at-home remedies to much more invasive procedures.

In the USA typically fertility treatments are expensive and this presents an additional worry and frustration for couples trying to conceive. The recent arrival of ovulation watches and conception kits have brought a more affordable step in this journey and some very positive results.

The first step in prescribing the right treatment for fertility is to find out the cause and whether it lies in the woman or the man or both. Since there are so many different factors that contribute to infertility, many tests may have to be done before a doctor can give the right diagnosis and begin treatment.

The whole process can take years, adding strain and frustration to any relationship. But for many people, a successful result can mean everything in the world. And bringing home baby...the biggest pay off.

What do you think of the advancement in treatments available to help couples conceive?

Do you have a personal story about your journey to bringing home baby?

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farmerbrown2002 by farmerbrown2002 | springfield, LA
Nov 02, 2009

If someone wants a child they have the right to try if they can afford the treatments.

adrenalinejunkie31 by adrenalinejunkie31 | CLEVELAND, OH
Sep 05, 2009

I'm 39 years old, and unable to have children, it's sad at times when i see families with children, I've always wondered what it would feel like to be pregnant, and give birth. Unfortunately i probably will never get to experience that wonderful feeling of motherhood. IVF is so expensive somewhere like $10,000, I don't have any felopian tubes so i'm sure my procedure would be more advasive or expensive. My husband and I have been married for 5 years, and we love our time together, but would love children. I truely respect motherhood, it takes selfless parents to raise a family.

Jargon by Jargon | Bakersfield, CA
Mar 20, 2009

This is a very close topic to my heart. I will be going through IVF for the first time in a couple months. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 26 and I am now in surgical menopause at 29. I will never conceive on my own. My husband and I have been married nearly 7 years and we so desperately want children.

Indiamommy by Indiamommy | Memphis, TN
Dec 20, 2008

After fertility measures failed for me, I adopted three children from India.

ralphsmom by ralphsmom | Buffalo, NY
Nov 18, 2008

What an emotional topic. My husband and I married for almost seven years, decided to start our family. It would be difficult as I have PCOS and he a low sperm count due to a varicocele. We tried on our own for about a year. Fertility treatments were not covered by our insurance, but I'm not certain we would have chosen that route. We knew getting pregnant would be difficult we had been looking into adoption options for some time. We applied, had our home study and two months later we received a call telling us "There was a baby girl born today in another state. Would you like to be her parents?" We were open to older children, but the next day we were on a plane to meet our two day old daughter .Now a very active 6 year old she is the love of our lives. There are times I still wonder what it would feel like to be pregnant, but I have been given so much. To all those who want to parent, I wish you great success with whatever road you are traveling.

frogqueen75 by frogqueen75 | Berea, KY
Oct 27, 2008

My 1st pregnancy was conceived without medical assistance, but turned out to be ectopic (in my fallopian tube.) I lost my right tube, my baby & nearly my life when my tube ruptured. My 2nd pregnancy resulted in the birth of my beautiful daughter, after trying on our own for 9 months & then finding out hubby has "issues" too, then doing 6 IUI's and finally moving on to IVF. My 3rd pregnancy was also from IVF, but sadly resulted in an early miscarriage. My 4th pregnancy resulted in my son, after the use of the Conception Kit. For the person who commented that Doctors need to stop playing God...I believe that every baby is a gift from God, no matter how they happen to be conceived. Thank goodness HE had the wisdom to allow the doctors to discover the technology to help those of us that need it, since it's a medical condition-no different than a heart problem. Would you deny someone treatment for that?

uhmyasmin by uhmyasmin | newport news, VA
Mar 07, 2008

July 26, 2007 4:10 PM drodriguez , my pregancy was a miscarraige. My firstborn child was conceived with the fertility drug Chlomid,(I wasnt ovulating, its not covered by insurance because its not medically necessary to reproduce !!)This pill makes you produce more eggs. I took 5 pills a month for 6 months(thats the max) and got pregnant on my last dose, next was gonna be Invitro. when the 1st baby was 4 months old I got pregnant with my daughter. so yes there are less invasive ways.

sarahhummel by sarahhummel | Tuscaloosa, AL
Feb 22, 2008

really really need someone to talk to about this and just seems no one in my rl understands whatsover. So heres my spill . I was diagnosed about age 13 with endo and i bicornuate uterus. Seems like ive had everything in the world done depo lupron birhtcontrol shots. Then they just decided later on i hated high school . So when i finally graduated by the hardest having to quit be homeschooled then go back and take all the exams to renter since my dad was a registered teacher. I just let go for a few yrs because i didnt have insurance after 19. So i get married partially to have insurance although hes wonderful at 23. Now i have went back keep having abnormal paps. So 3 weeks ago have biopsy done . Got results abnormal cells.Today go in for LEEP procedure. The cervical block did not work at all i felt everything. Screaming crying in pain sweating profusly short of breath. I was honestly worried i was gonna stroke out or something they just kept going. The only one who seemed shocked was a medical student in there but she said nothing. They sent someone in with a prescription of very few lortab 5 which has done nothing to ease my pain even though iv taken 2 already and only been home aprox 4 hrs. thanks so much for listening i needed to vent if therse others here cld u plz have them im me thanks

zeekatha by zeekatha | port henry, NY
Jan 26, 2008

hubby and i have a 3 year old son,we pretty much tried for 2 years for him,after 1 misscarriage we were blessed with him.we are now in the process of trying to concieve another baby.we have just started trying,but i now remember how frustrating it was every month when i got my period.i just hope it doesnt take 2 years to have another child.i really feel for people who are going through this month after can make your life rough,and sometimes your marriage suffers too.if i could not concieve i would try to do anything possible to concieve.i dont think its a bad thing to have medical help with this.children are a wonderful gift,and i dont think people should be denied the opportunity to become parents because there body isnt cooperating.if you need a little help,more power to ya! i'll be keeping all of you who are trying to concieve in my thoughts and prayers.good luck!!

mydisneydollars by mydisneydollars | South Bend, IN
Nov 08, 2007

My only child is now ten. We got pregnant very earlier in our relationship and never even thought we would not be able to have any other children. I know that I have alot of options out there but I never even considered to use them. I am a firm believer what will be will be. I believe in my heart that we were only ment to have one child biolocially. If we were ever to have the deep desire to have more children I know we would go the adoption route now. For those of you that got the medical route I wish you the best of luck. But remember women try for years that way as well and many at the end never get pregnant. Sometimes in life we are dealt a bum hand. I chose to make the best of it.

Josie101 by Josie101 | ROCKWELL, NC
Sep 08, 2007

I'm 42 years old and have never been able to have a child. I was married young the first time and couldn't have children no matter how hard we tried or how many doctors we saw or how many test were done. After 18 years we called it quits...not being able to have a family took it's toll on us. Then 4 years later i married a wonderful man that had never been married before or any children of his own. He understands that we would not have children...for reasons i don't even understand. We are happy together and my life is great but i will always feel empty for something that i have always wanted and not able to have...a child.

s4ssyc4tw3ndy by s4ssyc4tw3ndy | Malta, OH
Aug 31, 2007

My husband and I have been married for almost 8 years now. I had been married previously and when I was 21 I had a tubal at my ex-husbands insitance. I lost my second child to myocarditis when she was 8 months old. I never thought I would have more children. 11 months ago my second husband and I started IVF treatments, we were lucky. It took the 1st time, and we are expecting our son in less than 30 days. While going through these treatments I met many others who had tried for several years and still not concieved. Even though the cost is high the payoff is worth it if you can stand the pain and frustration of the treatments. Don't give up, and adoption is an option if you have the heart. We adopted 2 years ago, a little girl who just turned 12 this year. My 15 year old son is getting a big family now. LOL

free4wrk07 by free4wrk07 | Sheridan, AR
Aug 20, 2007

My husband and i have done treatment for 4 of our five year marriage. I have PCOS and we were never able to get pregnant at all. He is an only child and we are the only chance for his parents to have grandchildren. I feel guilty even though i cant help it. I guess everyone isnt meant to have babies. Those of you who do, Love them and treat them good.

Aug 10, 2007

I have been thinking a lot about being an egg donor to help out a couple who otherwise wouldnt be able to have children. No its not for the money. You do get paid a pretty big amount, but that is not why i am thinking about doing it. I have 2 little boys that are my life and I would like to help another couple have a child of their own to make their family whole. The procedure and the whole process is painful and very time consuming but its all worth it in the end.

amerksfan1 by amerksfan1 | Rochester, NY
Aug 06, 2007

Modern medicine is wonderful isn't is? When do doctors stop playing God? If God wanted to give a baby then it would happen, I just don't agree with this kind of conception. It's just modern medicine as usuall.