Tyra Banks Loses 30 lbs... and Credibility?

   By drodriguez  Oct 05, 2008

As a follow-up to SheSpeak’s recent post about anorexia and other eating disorders we have news about former supermodel Tyra Banks. You may remember the press Tyra Banks received a few months ago when she was featured all over the tabloids and the internet pictured candidly at the beach in a bathing suit with captions reading that she was too fat (among other more rude comments carrying the same message).

This is nothing new. We are all accustomed to reading magazines that criticize celebrities for putting on weight. What was different about this was the way Tyra Banks responded to all the negative press about her weight.

She went on her talk show in the same bathing suit she wore in the photos and sent out the message that she feels comfortable with her body and just because she is not as thin as she was when she was modeling does not mean she is not just as beautiful. She later heroically spoke the now famous words “Kiss my fat ass!” aimed at all the people who criticize women who have put on weight.

Fast forward four months and you will see Tyra Banks on the cover of the May 12th issue of Life & Style magazine in a tiny bikini with the caption “How Tyra Lost 30 lbs!”

Why did Tyra Banks lose the weight? There has been speculation about the network pressuring her to drop pounds, though she has said it was her decision and she just wanted to fit into her old jeans. Of course Tyra Banks can do what she wants with her own body, but being a self-employed spokesperson about body image her message becomes very confusing.

So why did Tyra Banks go on to lose 30 pounds in the four months following this declaration that she was perfectly comfortable with her weight?

What kind of a message does that send out to the young women who found encouragement in her commendable message about body image just a few months ago?

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empress151 by empress151 | Enfield, CT
Jul 26, 2007

you know what? i was more than 161 pounds once upon a time and i knew that i didn't look awful, but i also knew i wasn't truly happy with the way i looked and that i wanted to do better. that's probably how she felt too. i didn't lose 30 pounds but i lost enough so that i felt better about myself and liked how i looked in my jeans again. can you really blame her for losing weight? no one wants to be overweight. it's not a good feeling. (although i do think she comes off as a hypocrite somewhat... going on your OWN talk show, telling people to kiss your fat ass, then turning around and losing the weight anyway?)

gingefur by gingefur | Ararat, NC
Jul 20, 2007

So what if you're skinny? So what if you're fat? I think Tyra was just trying to get girls to feel comfortable with their bodies, regardless of their size.

sharman421 by sharman421 | TALLAHASSEE, FL
Jul 20, 2007

Does anyone really care about Tyra Banks? I've seen young girls today quite comfortable with their overweight bodies to the point where they wear midrif shirts with their gut hanging out. There are not all that many anorexic kids walking the malls. Those who reach that point have an emotional and mental disorder that needs immediate medical attention. Celebrities are always going to disappoint and do stupid things.We need to start ignoring them and the press that highlights them.

tmichellebrat by tmichellebrat | Humble, TX
Jul 18, 2007

I simply think that Tyra banks was not truly happy with her weight, at 161 lbs and I don't blame her for wanting to lose the weight, that is her perogative. As far as her sending the wrong message to the young girls that look up to her ...I don't think that she is sending the wrong message, it's these other famous girls, like Paris Hilton,Nichole Richie,and even Angelina Jolie who are sending the wrong message by starving themselves to the point of skin and bones! I say give Tyra Banks a break ...she at least does NOT support hollywood's message that you have to be "thin" in order to be successful.

littlemonchichi by littlemonchichi | BENTON, KY
Jul 16, 2007

It hurts the young girls that she speaks to. The need to be so thin is hurting our girls self image and she isn't helping!

yoginikeri by yoginikeri | Danville, CA
Jul 16, 2007

It is important to eat healthy and be active, but there is way too much focus on weight and an unrealistic ideal that people should all look the same- skinny. Only Tyra knows if she lost the weight for the right reason. I can imagine that if one were a model for years and years, they might want to 'slip up' and eat like a normal human for a while.

What makes me the most upset is that people are still judging her- saying she did it for the right or wrong reasons. I wish we could focus more on what makes a healthy lifestyle (eating right and physical activity) instead of rating the final product and how thin someone can make themselves.

cubbieduke by cubbieduke | PHILADELPHIA, PA
Jul 15, 2007

tyra lost weight for the right reasons. not to please some man, not because she felt pressured; but because she wanted to. and she loves herself. why do anorexics lose weight? why do some models smoke up a storm and just eat salad or nothing at all? don't blame tyra. she wanted to show that if she indulged a bit and wanted to lose, she can do it. and what about for health reasons?. chill out.

N4ncy by N4ncy | Goldsboro, NC
Jul 15, 2007

Haven't you even looked a picture of yourself and realized that you had started to let things go? I know I've gotten pictures back from a vacation and didn't realize how fat I had gotten. Tyra probably got a real look at herself in that brown bathing suit. Not made up or tucked in by a crew of 15, just her on a beach letting it hang out. That reality along with the tabloid buzz about her fat butt made her evaluate her lifestyle. Good for her for doing something about it. If she didn't feel good about how she looked then she needed to do something to make her feel good again.

jenjen1962 by jenjen1962 | Daly City, CA
Jul 15, 2007

I,can understand the pressures of weight issues,I,may not be in Tyra's sitsuation but she's such crap.

She starts this "SO WHAT",campaign,saying she's proud to be 161pounds.Now I,battled the weight scale in my past.However I,stood firm and dwelt with it.

What Tyra,not telling everyone is her show has been heading downwards in ratings.And Fox television Network threaten to cancel her show if ratings don't pick up.And her weight issues were becoming a problem.

That show where she stood in her famous brown swimsuit.Was her last chance to save her talk show.

Battling the tabloids,though it brought her support.Her last chance was to make a change a new start moving to New York,and losing 30lbs,to save her show.

I,once supported Tyra,but she so phoney that she can't make the descion to be proud with herself. Or fall to the tabloids.Which she did I,feel she gave in. Jeannetta

brittanileigh98 by brittanileigh98 | hebron, OH
Jul 13, 2007

I think people should just chill out. Who cares if she lost 30 lbs? Good for her, I wish I could. It's so annoying that people talk about celebrities being too skinny and then put someone else in the press the next day (Janet Jackson) for gaining weight and "letting herself go". Tyra was probably speaking out of anger and embarrassment when she lashed out at the magazine, who can blame her? How many women would be comfortable having their picture taken in a bathing suit to then be put on the cover of a major magazine? Not very many. I believe that she was pissed about being called fat and then after seeing herself, decided she should hit the gym. I would do the exact same thing. And, if we are making it about teenage girls getting the wrong message, well that's up the parents to control, not Tyra Banks. She is a woman just like the rest of us. I think it's time to stop caring about who is fat and who is skinny.

pelican93 by pelican93 | Medford Lakes, NJ
Jul 13, 2007

I find Tyra very annoying, and even her little speeches about how she loves being fat weren't even convincing. The part that bothered me the most is when she was saying that she isn't a model anymore so that means she doesn't have to be thin. She obviously doesn't care about models having different bodytypes.

It really doesn't surprise me that Tyra Banks did that. To me, it seems like she didn't like being curvy, despite everything she said. I see this as sending a bad image to young girls. Tyra couldn't live up to the powerful words she said. She's filthy rich, and I don't see why she couldn't have bought her self 50 more pairs of jeans that would fit her "fat ass" (as she called it).

"But if I had low self-esteem, I would probably have been starving myself right now." Hmmph.

nlegacki by nlegacki | Williamstown, NJ
Jul 12, 2007

I have to say, if she was proud of how she looked in the brown bathing suit, how come she turned around and lost 30 pounds!

Apparently the press must of gotten to her!

Tara, I was proud of you taking a stance and standing up to the press and the world! Now you just showed the world what peer pressure can do!

It is no wonder that our young children go to major extremes to be thin and also be accepted!

snoangel by snoangel | Shawnee, KS
Jul 11, 2007

i think she's a total hypocrite, and actions speak louder than words...even if those words are shouted into a tv camera.

zoethegreat by zoethegreat | MAPLEWOOD, NJ
Jul 11, 2007

There is just too much pressure to be thin. The tabloids are disgusting in how they treat celebrities and there weight. As consumers, we just eat it up! It's societies fault- our fault- that women like Tyra Banks can't just be themselves. We aren't willing to accept anything less than perfection in others.