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It's Been a Long Time Coming

on Sep 16, 2007: I think inequality will be fixed, job by job. We've seen that all anyone needs to do is bring it to the attention of the media and it will be fixed. Although, I don't agree with paying the women tennis players less than the men, I feel that there are probably women with more to lose that could u…

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And Then (After Many Many Tries) There Are Three

on Jul 25, 2007: My husband and I were able to get pregnant very easily with our first and were surprised when it didn't happen right away with our second. For two years we underwent testing, drug therapies and low and behold found out I was pregnant while sitting in an IVF clinic for an initial consultation. My…

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Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

on Jul 23, 2007: I can't wait to read it. With the recent news stories about recalls of Chinese imports it makes sense to eat food that doesn't have to travel far. By buying local produce you are not only supporting your local community but you can get to know the farmers that produce the food. We need to be vi…