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Would You Leave Your Kids At The Park Alone?

Would You Leave Your Kids At The Park Alone?

If you have ever wondered what would be a good way to peel your child from a video game or computer screen, Lenore Skenazy may have the answer for you.  Skenazy recently declared May 22nd “Take Your Kids To The Park and Leave Them There Day”, in an effort to get kids active and teach them to be independent at the same time.


You may remember hearing about Skenazy, a former columnist for the New York Sun, a couple of years ago when she wrote an article about how she left her then 10-year-old son in Bloomingdales with a subway and bus map and allowed him to find his own way home.  There was mixed reactions from readers of her column.  Some thought Skenazy was doing a good thing for her son, teaching him some independence and letting him know that she trusts him.  But others thought what Skenazy did was irresponsible and put her son in great danger.


Skenazy’s new campaign is for parents of children age 7 and up to allow their children to play at the park without any parental supervision for about 15 minutes to start.  Skenazy believes children do not have as much freedom as they used to and as a result will find it difficult to take care of themselves when the time comes.  She also thinks that many parents today needlessly hover over their children, not allowing them to form connections with other children on their own or figure things out for themselves.


One of the biggest concerns parents face is the possibility that someone will take or hurt their child if they leave them alone for even a minute.  Though we hear of harm being done to children on the news every night, Skenazy argues that child abduction is actually very rare and children are much more likely to be abused by people they know and live with.


What do you think of Skenazy idea to leave your child at the park?


Is this something you would consider doing?


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  • starsandmoons4 By starsandmoons4

    Not in today's world . It just is not safe . If anything ever happened to my children I would never be able to forgive myself. There are pedofiles just waiting at parks to snatch kids up and that's why I take my child with me when I go to the Bathroom and stand outside the door when he is in there.

  • scoany By scoany

    I just couldn't do it! My kids would walk off! I just don't think I could live with myself. This is a great concept but I think it needs to be done in a more controlled setting- not a public place where Joe the child stealer could be...

  • redneckmom5323 By redneckmom5323

    If i would take my kids to the park and 'leave' them i would still have to watch from afar,and not let them know that i was there.

  • steffyt By steffyt

    I would have never left my kids at a park alone. I even have a park that is visible from my back yard. Not just no, but NO! I would not consider this for multiple reasons. 1. Safety from predators - it may be rare, but I am not going to take that chance 2. My child has a serious health issue (brain cancer/seizures). What if something happened and I was not around? Am I supposed to rely on a total stranger to call 911? That does not seem fair to put someone in that position without fair warning. I don't think that I am over protective. I would say that I utilize my common sense!

  • angiesfreebies By angiesfreebies

    I agree with everyone else...leaving a child alone in a park at the age of 7 is insane!! Even 9 or 10 is crazy. My kids are my world. Although I let them play with the other kids and have fun while my hubby and I enjoy watching. My hubby also pointed out how crazy it would be to nationally declare this day for all the perverts out there to know that on May 22 all the kids would be unsupervised. I really hope this woman does not have kids.

  • centrej By centrej

    If I had a child, I would let them play at the park alone if they were mature enough. I'm only 32, so I'm not that far removed from what it is like to be a kid. I would even make them walk to school. I find it so sad that parents are enabling children to be helpless and we wonder why they do not have common sense about real world situations. I walked to the bus stop and/or school from kindergarten all the way until I graduated high school. I would go to the different parks with my brother or alone, we even went down to the river to explore and swim during the summer. Practice the buddy-system. Are we that paranoid that every male is a pedophile? And every woman secretly wants to cut out babies from pregnant women because it's on the news? That's like saying if I ever drive, I will die by a drunk driver. Seriously.

  • kcofield By kcofield

    No! Not in a million years. Our parks are filled with predators out there just waiting to find a victim. Could be a pervert, a drug dealer, a kidnapper who knows. When I was a kid it was a different world out there. No child should be left alone these days. If you love your child you will protect them not leave them for some weirdo the do with them as they wish. Remember today is not the same as it was yesterday. Don't be a fool and risk your kids trying to be cool.

  • spanky010281 By spanky010281

    I would never leave my child alone in a park. Your just asking for them to get kidnapped, I grew up in a small town with 850 people in the town we knew eneryone, where they lived, everything, but u never knew who would come driving through town one day. The ones that say they dont have children and would let their kids walk alone or go to the park alone I have to children, aparently they dont know the feeling of their child being missing its the worst feeling. If u had kids u would feel differently. Its not enabling children its protecting our children we brought into this world from harm that is our job as a parent and spend time with our child when they are at the park. they grow so fast enjoy playing with them.

  • jred111 By jred111

    It only takes one time to turn your back. Why would you risk the most valuable relationship in your life to a statistic that says it's "rare". They might as well call it "give up being a parent day" or "stop being responsible day". Unbelievable.

  • mallorybusterna By mallorybusterna

    I don't have any children but I was babysitting a friend's children today and I took them too the park. They are 9 and 7 and I was terrified to leave them alone at the park which is in my apartment complex. When we got to the park there were 2 little girls there and NO supervision. The girls were 6 and 4.

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