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Would You Leave Your Kids At The Park Alone?

Would You Leave Your Kids At The Park Alone?

If you have ever wondered what would be a good way to peel your child from a video game or computer screen, Lenore Skenazy may have the answer for you.  Skenazy recently declared May 22nd “Take Your Kids To The Park and Leave Them There Day”, in an effort to get kids active and teach them to be independent at the same time.


You may remember hearing about Skenazy, a former columnist for the New York Sun, a couple of years ago when she wrote an article about how she left her then 10-year-old son in Bloomingdales with a subway and bus map and allowed him to find his own way home.  There was mixed reactions from readers of her column.  Some thought Skenazy was doing a good thing for her son, teaching him some independence and letting him know that she trusts him.  But others thought what Skenazy did was irresponsible and put her son in great danger.


Skenazy’s new campaign is for parents of children age 7 and up to allow their children to play at the park without any parental supervision for about 15 minutes to start.  Skenazy believes children do not have as much freedom as they used to and as a result will find it difficult to take care of themselves when the time comes.  She also thinks that many parents today needlessly hover over their children, not allowing them to form connections with other children on their own or figure things out for themselves.


One of the biggest concerns parents face is the possibility that someone will take or hurt their child if they leave them alone for even a minute.  Though we hear of harm being done to children on the news every night, Skenazy argues that child abduction is actually very rare and children are much more likely to be abused by people they know and live with.


What do you think of Skenazy idea to leave your child at the park?


Is this something you would consider doing?


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  • Mittu2 By Mittu2

    No way... I cant leave my kid alone at the park..

  • Juleezway By Juleezway

    I think its highly irresponsible to leave your children unsupervised. These are the same parents who let their children run wild through the dept store, unaware of how badly they're behaving. Studies show that children who are left alone for long periods of time are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety later in life. Isn't it really relying on other people to take care of your children? I know it takes a village, but it also takes a responsible parent!

  • vbchjewel By vbchjewel

    I would never leave my child alone. Not only could they be taken, but it could be that they get hurt, hurt someone, or was having issues with another child. So many other issues could even happen and I can't imagine what would happen to them.

  • mommaduck By mommaduck

    No, i would never leave them alone. I dont even want them in the backyard by themselves. There are to many crazy people in the world to let your kids run around free. They should be watched. Maybe once they hit highschool, I will allow them to do more things on their own but not before but we will see, they are still very young

  • julecoc By julecoc

    I would not leave them alone at the park for any amount of time... It says child abduction is rare, but a little boy who lived a few houses away from my sister was kidnapped, brutally murdered, and found half-buried in a ditch about a month ago. To me, why would I want to risk that chance. They would be much safer playing outdoors in my backyard where I am not involved, but could watch them (or at a friends house with the similiar supervision) and accomplish the same results: independant and creative children!

  • smartbutt By smartbutt

    I myself would never leave my child(ren) alone at any park. Times have changed and sad to say you can not trust ANYONE... Just think about all that you hear now a days in the safest places bad things happen. Just think twice before you choose to leave your child alone anywhere.

  • ateeters By ateeters

    I would never leave my children alone at a park or even more anywhere. There is more to consider than just kidnapping.

  • TinellyElly By TinellyElly

    Children "do not have as much freedom as they used to" because the world is a different place than it used to be. My child's safety is my number one concern, and when my child is old enough to safely maintain their freedom, I will be more than happy to give it.

  • Lusadi By Lusadi

    I see children alone at our area parks all the time. I also watch the activities they are engaging in and listen to the excessive amount of swearing coming out of their mouths. I have recently had to step in and ask a group of 9 year old children to watch their language. Given the examples of children left alone that I am seeing, I can't endorse the practice.

  • girltuner By girltuner

    I agree with everyone on here. Yes when i was 5 or 6 i would take off riding my bike alone or with friends and my mom would just say be careful but thats a different time and now you have child preditors and kidnappings and kids shooting kids and so on so fourth any parent who would put their kids in harms way "to teach responsibility" needs to learn some for them self i am sorry but comming from someone who has lost a child there is no greater pain but think if you went to that park to get them and they where not there then how responsible would you feel?????

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