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Would You Leave Your Kids At The Park Alone?

Would You Leave Your Kids At The Park Alone?

If you have ever wondered what would be a good way to peel your child from a video game or computer screen, Lenore Skenazy may have the answer for you.  Skenazy recently declared May 22nd “Take Your Kids To The Park and Leave Them There Day”, in an effort to get kids active and teach them to be independent at the same time.


You may remember hearing about Skenazy, a former columnist for the New York Sun, a couple of years ago when she wrote an article about how she left her then 10-year-old son in Bloomingdales with a subway and bus map and allowed him to find his own way home.  There was mixed reactions from readers of her column.  Some thought Skenazy was doing a good thing for her son, teaching him some independence and letting him know that she trusts him.  But others thought what Skenazy did was irresponsible and put her son in great danger.


Skenazy’s new campaign is for parents of children age 7 and up to allow their children to play at the park without any parental supervision for about 15 minutes to start.  Skenazy believes children do not have as much freedom as they used to and as a result will find it difficult to take care of themselves when the time comes.  She also thinks that many parents today needlessly hover over their children, not allowing them to form connections with other children on their own or figure things out for themselves.


One of the biggest concerns parents face is the possibility that someone will take or hurt their child if they leave them alone for even a minute.  Though we hear of harm being done to children on the news every night, Skenazy argues that child abduction is actually very rare and children are much more likely to be abused by people they know and live with.


What do you think of Skenazy idea to leave your child at the park?


Is this something you would consider doing?


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  • hellokitee By hellokitee

    NO WAY! I would never leave my kids at any park alone! not even if it was down the street. depending on the age and how mature the child or children are. Its never a good idea, no matter how bad you trust your kids, anyone can just take them away or pull out a gun and if they are gone its possible that you may never know what really happened.

  • CPevey By CPevey

    No I would not leave my children in the park alone. Right now they are 3 and 1 years old. But even when they get older - it's not safe. Even grown women get kidnapped and it happens everyday. You can teach them survival things and ways to be responsible without leaving them alone. I just wouldn't do it. You can't trust anyone these days. We have a park that's been on our local news that have regular stings to catch people doing "inappropriate" things - they go there to watch little kids and get off on that. NO WAY would I leave my kids alone anywhere. The world we live in gets worse everyday. More and more predators. I myself could not and would leave my children or anyone elses children alone.

  • Peachrose By Peachrose

    Absolutely not. You never know who could be lurking around.

  • kimberleentx By kimberleentx

    Not a way in the world i would do that. I grew up in a small town but there was always danger of kidnappings or worse. I live in a big city now and wouldnt let my kids play in the front yard unsupervised let alone at a park or a subway.

  • twilliams82 By twilliams82

    I would not leave my child alone in a park for 15 seconds and definitely not 15 minutes! In the world we live in anything can happen and it only takes a split second for it to happen. There are many other ways to teach your children life skills without putting their lives in danger!

  • magpie75 By magpie75

    Just to say devils advocate I have to say maybe. Depending on my kid and how old he is. I would never leave him by himself, but with other kids in a safe park that I was in a different area of, I might consider it. If he were say 10 or so and with responsible kids and if he is a responsible child. Otherwise no.

  • mardel By mardel

    NEVER!!! The way things are in this society I wouldn't leave my kids at a park alone! If you want to show your kid how to be independent there are other safe ways to do it!! Parents should be more responsible and aware that we don't live in safe times anymore!

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip


  • happytobeamom By happytobeamom

    Absolutely Not! There are too many "child molesters" and "pedofiles" out there nowadays and you just don't know who you can trust. All it takes is one split second too. Never would I leave them my children alone.

  • butterflytouch By butterflytouch

    Never in a million years would I even think about doing that. The old days are over when you could do something like that.

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