Birth Of Octuplets Spurs Debate

   By drodriguez  Feb 01, 2009

One young mother and her eight new babies are causing quite a stir in the news recently.  Because of the details surrounding Nadya Suleman’s case, the ethics involved in the birth of her octuplets has become much debated over.  Suleman, who is a 33-year-old single mother of six children from previous in-vitro procedures, currently lives with her parents.

Nadya Suleman's mother, Angela Suleman, has expressed concern over her daughter’s actions and recently told the Associated Press that she was not supportive of her decision to have more children.  Angela Suleman has told the press that her daughter was obsessed with having children and has talked about it since she was a teenager.

The Associated Press reports that all of the 8 babies, 6 boys and 2 girls, were delivered by Cesarean section.  The babies weighed anywhere between 1 pound, 8 ounces and 3 pounds, 4 ounces.  Seven of the eight babies are breathing on their own while one remains on a respirator.  It took 46 doctors and staff to assist in the delivery of these octuplets. 

Much of the recent debate has been about whether doctors should have offered the 33-year-old mother of six the option to undergo in-vitro fertilization treatment.  Ethicists also question why the doctors would have implanted so many embryos.  And still others worry about how the mother will raise 14 children, now ranging in age from newborn to 7 years old and whether she will end up relying on public assistance.

A former caregiver to Nadya Suleman’s autistic son, Yolanda Garcia, spoke with the Long Beach Press-Telegram about the mother’s recent delivery.  She said, “From what I could tell back then, she was pretty happy with herself, saying she liked having kids and she wanted 12 kids in all.” 

What do you think of the news about the recent octuplet birth?

Do you think doctors are at fault for allowing this mother to receive fertility treatment?


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kctigger26 by kctigger26 | Versailles, MO
Feb 15, 2009

This person to spend so much money (over $100,000 on invitro alone) on herself, while pretty much (IMO) neglecting her childrens or her parents needs is selfish. This person is allowing 6 children, & 3 adults to live in a 3 bdrm house that needs some attention. Her father (it has been reported) is having to go overseas to translate because the family is in desparate need of money & this person has it in her mind that after the 8 new babies come home that they (all 14) are moving into a bigger by the donations she is asking for on this new website, or by the taxpayers in California that are now being asked to pay her medical bills, by the $490 in food stamps that she is getting or the disablity that she is getting for her 3 children (at this point) that are receiving it? What bothers me the most is...What is going to happen when these 8 babies are no longer babies? Will she back in the news having another 8 just to keep the "baby stage" alive?

misswood24 by misswood24 | Tracy, CA
Feb 15, 2009

I personally find this to be sickening. She already had six kids that she could not take care of and now she has eight more. She lives with her parents and I am willing to bet the house that it is her mother who is taking care of thosse children. The worst part is that she is has gotten offers for book deals and tv shows after her poor lack of judgement. I am a signle mother who works hard. I have a full time job, I sell avon and I take surveys online for extra cash. There are plenty of others like me, but no one is giving us anything.

meowmix by meowmix | peach bottom, PA
Feb 15, 2009

Shes in for real shock when the hype is gone and there she is alone with all those kids! No matter how much you love your children, they can be challenging, even with a spouse! And grandmas should have a CHOICE in there older years to do what they want and not be EXPECTED to provied 24-7 care. That's not what grandparenting is.

jul516 by jul516 | PALATKA, FL
Feb 14, 2009

She worked her hiney off (according to her) doing double shifts to save up enough money for the implants. Then another source says that she was in an accident and raked in $165k and applied that towards the embrios. It's hard telling who to believe, but she really does have a problem. Why couldn't she just adopt children who need a loving home instead of putting anyone of these eight children at risk. Finally on another source I read where ongoing medical attention could sky rocket in the neighborhood of $1.3 million!!!! Guess who's footing the bill on that? California tax payers. OMG - who to believe. I'm just thankful it's her and not happening to me.

SamnHolly by SamnHolly | Spencer, WV
Feb 14, 2009

I think IVF should be for people who do not have children, or a home life that can SUPPORT that many. This nutcase already had six and can not support them, she relies on state assistance (which she denies she does). She is in need of some assistance alright, mental assistance. I think the doctor that did this needs his license revoked..its all just insane. I feel very sorry for ALL the children involved.

debkuy by debkuy | Harrison Township, MI
Feb 13, 2009

I think the doctors and clinic should bear the financial burden of all these children. As for the mother, how does she expect to make each child feel loved as an indivdual? Going from one to the next, feed, diaper, bath, even with help from others, how can each child feel special by their mother? Too many questions, hopefully the kids won't have to suffer.

Bettdev by Bettdev | N FT MYERS, FL
Feb 13, 2009

She said she didn't want to be alone, so she had all those kids. SHEEESH! .......Talk about self-centered insanity. Her, her mom and the 6 kids have been living in a 3 bedroom, HELLO? There's a per-square-foot law here in Florida. There has to be so much room in a house per person living there. Someone needs to step in and get these kids the living conditions they need, even if that means adopting them out.

sparkle407 by sparkle407 | Greenville, NC
Feb 13, 2009

She hired a publicist, she is a single unemployed mother, which part of that is her loving her children?

indiana_girl by indiana_girl | BULL SHOALS, AR
Feb 13, 2009

To receive SSI your income can't be over 2000 for the parent and 2000 for the child. If you are married it is $3000 total. SSA counts savings bonds, savings accounts, the cash on hand, Life insurance policies, Military Retirement, VA Disability, IRAs etc. Monthly SSI payment now is about $623 and she has another child that is special needs, She is probably eligible for WIC for all those children 5 & under. The children on SSI have Medicaid, They probably have Food Stamps. Her going back to school will be funded and childcare for her to do so will probably be funded. She probably didn't even have the dad sign paternity so no one can go after him but her. Same father for all 14. I think if I were the father I would have them taken away from her. And that is pretty harsh I know. She definitely needs an mental health evaluation. She is selfish and all this publicity is just feeding her ego. I hope the children get the care and love that they need.

grka50 by grka50 | MT PLEASANT, PA
Feb 13, 2009

I 'm not really sure of what to think! She shows up on TV proclaiming that she has supported the 6 kids she already had with no assistance, then we find out that's a lie. Then she says she can support these new 8 children and then a web site appears asking for donations!! Personally, I think she is a very narcissistic person and needs some psychological help!

susan9154 by susan9154 | St Cloud, MN
Feb 13, 2009

My problem with this it how it happened in the first place. I was a single mother of 3 and worked . I never got child support for them. I applied for food stamps and medical for us . I got 150 a month on food stamps. I was refused medical I grossed 50 to much a month to quailfy for it. ( Notice i said gross take home not net) But some how she got a doctor to to this. What was he paid? Did he do for free? We as tax payers are going to support her and all 14 of her children. Yet , when I was working I could not get what she gets and will get in the future. Someone tell me what the difference is ?

deerland by deerland | lisbon, CT
Feb 13, 2009

I too think it was irresponsible of the doctor to implant so many eggs. But the babies are here now and I really think the media is going too far with this. It was literally on HLN all day yesterday.. I think she loves children, but you need to be able to support them. I think she thought she would get help and is probably shocked with the ridicule. I do wish her and the children luck. She needs to find a man that wants lots of children!!

dmp515 by dmp515 | LANCASTER, PA
Feb 13, 2009

Someone asked how she paid for this. She paid for this with the $165,000 she received for a "back injury sustained at a job". She should have taken that money to raise the kids she already has. 6 children already and 3 of them are disabled. How many of these new babies will have disabilities as they grow. She obviously was not infertile-----6 children in 7 yrs. She turned to invitro only because she was greedy and wanted children with out a man/father in their lives. I love babies too----but you have to know that you can't keep having them----they grow into teenagers-----can you imagine the turmoil there-----then young adults whom hopefully will be successful self sufficient human beings. If she was lonely---get a friend----or a dog!!

lisa619 by lisa619 | Camdenton, MO
Feb 13, 2009

I am really shocked she is asking for donations and I for one would not help her because she should have thought about it before she did this especially since she had 6 children to begin with.

meowmix by meowmix | peach bottom, PA
Feb 13, 2009

THIS BEARS REPEATING: I saw on TV she even had money to get plastic surgery. They showed before and after pics about it. I even heard on the news she wanted her first interview to be with Opra for 2 million, but ended up doing it for the today show for free. All seems too rumor-like to me. I wish I could just get the facts even though i probably won't like the facts. She is a nut case in the least sense. A couple of those 6 kids have disabilities already and that in itself is enough reason to stop--what if more have disabilities?