Birth Of Octuplets Spurs Debate

   By drodriguez  Feb 01, 2009

One young mother and her eight new babies are causing quite a stir in the news recently.  Because of the details surrounding Nadya Suleman’s case, the ethics involved in the birth of her octuplets has become much debated over.  Suleman, who is a 33-year-old single mother of six children from previous in-vitro procedures, currently lives with her parents.

Nadya Suleman's mother, Angela Suleman, has expressed concern over her daughter’s actions and recently told the Associated Press that she was not supportive of her decision to have more children.  Angela Suleman has told the press that her daughter was obsessed with having children and has talked about it since she was a teenager.

The Associated Press reports that all of the 8 babies, 6 boys and 2 girls, were delivered by Cesarean section.  The babies weighed anywhere between 1 pound, 8 ounces and 3 pounds, 4 ounces.  Seven of the eight babies are breathing on their own while one remains on a respirator.  It took 46 doctors and staff to assist in the delivery of these octuplets. 

Much of the recent debate has been about whether doctors should have offered the 33-year-old mother of six the option to undergo in-vitro fertilization treatment.  Ethicists also question why the doctors would have implanted so many embryos.  And still others worry about how the mother will raise 14 children, now ranging in age from newborn to 7 years old and whether she will end up relying on public assistance.

A former caregiver to Nadya Suleman’s autistic son, Yolanda Garcia, spoke with the Long Beach Press-Telegram about the mother’s recent delivery.  She said, “From what I could tell back then, she was pretty happy with herself, saying she liked having kids and she wanted 12 kids in all.” 

What do you think of the news about the recent octuplet birth?

Do you think doctors are at fault for allowing this mother to receive fertility treatment?


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honey147 by honey147 | menominee, MI
Mar 07, 2009

i think what she did was terrible haveing that many children. Why would doctors do this i am assuming this was like some kind of ploy for the doctor so he could gain attention, and what about all these children they are not going to get the right kind of attention they are going to need, children need loving attention so they grow up to be good people you can't manage that with 14 kids. She was offered help from people bigger house, supplies but she turned them down, all she wants is to get on tv and she is neglecting the kids because of her selfishness.

emach12 by emach12 | Waterford, CT
Mar 02, 2009

The 'Dr' that performed this procedure on this woman needs to have his license taken away. This woman is not only financially irresponsible but is clearly suffering from a mental illness. There is something seriously wrong with her. it bothers me to no end that she is living off of the government, not only that, but she lied about it. I hope that the state comes and takes these babies away, they deserve to be brought up in a home where they are valued as people, not as trophies.

Bling182 by Bling182 | KATY, TX
Mar 02, 2009

So far there has not been one 'reason' that she has come up with to convince me that this was the right thing to do. 1) filling the void of childhood--not going to happen as her previous 6 children didn't do the trick 2)did not want to destroy embryos--ok, so donate the embryos, carry the children to term to be adopted by responsible eager families who can't conceive 3)loves children--clearly this is a contradiction since if she did love them, she would not have brought them into this world to receive 1/14th of their mothers attention. Not to mention all the plastic surgery AND the fact that she has her nails done...I have 2 small children and haven't had a manicure in 2 years! I really hope she is evaluated for the sake of the children...she is unstable and an embarassment to the community of genuinely infertile women trying to conceive.

jadio182 by jadio182 | dearborn heights, MI
Feb 25, 2009

I do not support what the mother did by any means, but I do love how people are quick to judge her. You have a doctor that implanted her with all her children and yet instead of sticking to the common practice of one to four her implanted her with what six, that was unethical to begin with. Then people complain because she is single and having babies, but look at all the mothers on welfare that have oddles of children and no one says anything about them. Then there is the publicity being that this woman is a little off, look at what we do by supporting these family shows like Jon and Kate plus eight and The Duggars. We make it look like hey go ahead do this we will watch and what do you know we do! No one complains about these people having kids why because they are married or because they got lucky and get to do television and guest appreances and collect money for their children?

candy_apple1990 by candy_apple1990 | Caro, MI
Feb 24, 2009

There are so many children out there with no parents. She had 6 kids before the in-vitro. If she wanted more kids, I think she should have adopted. Doctors should not have allowed this. They should have saved the resources for someone that really needed it.

giene8074 by giene8074 | chatsworth, CA
Feb 21, 2009

I think she is irresponsible and crazy, doctors should have helped her mental situation, somebody should stop her, poor babies, its not their fault

Peggy1116 by Peggy1116 | Preston, CT
Feb 20, 2009

This woman has been scaming the system and allowed to get away with it so far. Three of her children have some type of handicap and I am very surprised that she is getting assistance for these children. There are millions of children that have this disorder,how many Mom's get help or a monthy check for the kids. Mom stated she has recieved no money from her daughter for the care of the children Not supporting the children,checks comming in for a bad back,3 handicaped children,food stamps . She is already abusing the system for money ,getting assistance,where did the money come from to be implanted? Did she disclose this money to the state when she applied for assistance?Did she tell the state that she had this money but needs it to become pregnant again? I have a feeling Nadya has found another way to make money,I bet she will be suing the Dr. Off to pay my taxes, Nadya might need her nails done.

gjet68 by gjet68 | Dexter, MO
Feb 20, 2009

I have mixed feelings on this topic. First and foremost, I think what a person chooses to do with his or her own life is her own business, UNLESS it involves other people, namely children , as this case is. My first grandchild, a granddaughter, was born very premature last June, at 28wks. We spent 11 wks in the NICU with her while she fought for her life, I CANNOT imagine being a Single mom with 6 children at home and that many innocent little babies lying in the NICU??? We can already see that she is financially unstable. My question is, Why in the world did this doctor go ahead and implant her with that many embryoes, knowing full well her circumstances, or at least he SHOULD have taken that into account before he ever agreed to offer her any sort of fertility treatment. What is sad is that all these little children are going to have to suffer for their bad choices.

weezer05 by weezer05 | Tonawanda, NY
Feb 19, 2009

Obviously something is mentally wrong with this woman. She has an unhealthy obsession with Angeline Jolie and she doesn't see anything wrong with having 14 children being a single mother despite her financial situation. She doesn't seem to be able to see consequences of her actions. I am furious with the doctor, he definitely should have his medical licence revoked and pay a huge fine (would be great if it went into the hands of the Cali taxpayers for having to support these children and the woman) for his unethical behavior.

bettyboop65 by bettyboop65 | Cudahy, WI
Feb 19, 2009

Doctor should not implanted her more than that. She already got 6 children. I think it is enough for her. Why more??? She will not able to handle 14 children. I think she is trying to compete like Angeline Jolie.

nubbin66 by nubbin66 | Amoret, MO
Feb 18, 2009

I read so much on this subject recently and I really think at this point that the attention needs to be re -focused now onto to the children. Everyone wants to point fingers and make nasty judgements etc. etc. Do I agree with what she has done? Is it fair to us taxpapers? I refuse to focus on those issues and now want to see what I/WE can do to help innocent children who have been put in a situtation they had no control over.

singlemomof2 by singlemomof2 | columbus, OH
Feb 17, 2009

I think this is a very selfish woman. She is having all these babies and expects US, the tax payers to pay for her and her children. I have enough trouble being a single mom of 2, let along having my hard earned tax money go towards raising her children.

nighthawk by nighthawk | morrisdale, PA
Feb 17, 2009

i have a question why is everyone getting mad at her what about that one lady she has 17 or 18 kids she and her families has there show noone is getting upset with them when she uses the god for everything... noone said anything and other those was her own eggs is not like she using someone else...

twin_pat by twin_pat | SCHENECTADY, NY
Feb 16, 2009

Don't understand why she wanted more children. I think 6 children already are a handful. How is she going to support these children. I think that the doctor should have may her seek psychiatric help before implanting her again. Looks like he was only in it for the money.

meowmix by meowmix | peach bottom, PA
Feb 16, 2009

The thought of 8 teenagers at once is a nightmare! One at a time about killed me!