Birth Of Octuplets Spurs Debate

   By drodriguez  Feb 01, 2009

One young mother and her eight new babies are causing quite a stir in the news recently.  Because of the details surrounding Nadya Suleman’s case, the ethics involved in the birth of her octuplets has become much debated over.  Suleman, who is a 33-year-old single mother of six children from previous in-vitro procedures, currently lives with her parents.

Nadya Suleman's mother, Angela Suleman, has expressed concern over her daughter’s actions and recently told the Associated Press that she was not supportive of her decision to have more children.  Angela Suleman has told the press that her daughter was obsessed with having children and has talked about it since she was a teenager.

The Associated Press reports that all of the 8 babies, 6 boys and 2 girls, were delivered by Cesarean section.  The babies weighed anywhere between 1 pound, 8 ounces and 3 pounds, 4 ounces.  Seven of the eight babies are breathing on their own while one remains on a respirator.  It took 46 doctors and staff to assist in the delivery of these octuplets. 

Much of the recent debate has been about whether doctors should have offered the 33-year-old mother of six the option to undergo in-vitro fertilization treatment.  Ethicists also question why the doctors would have implanted so many embryos.  And still others worry about how the mother will raise 14 children, now ranging in age from newborn to 7 years old and whether she will end up relying on public assistance.

A former caregiver to Nadya Suleman’s autistic son, Yolanda Garcia, spoke with the Long Beach Press-Telegram about the mother’s recent delivery.  She said, “From what I could tell back then, she was pretty happy with herself, saying she liked having kids and she wanted 12 kids in all.” 

What do you think of the news about the recent octuplet birth?

Do you think doctors are at fault for allowing this mother to receive fertility treatment?


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JEM4612 by JEM4612 | HOFFMAN EST, IL
Feb 03, 2009

I agree the doctors never should have agreed to IVF. Does public assistance pay for things like that or did she find a doctor who agreed to payment plan? I agree about the reality show & that she will end up making $ on this. However, that is on us as a society. If no one watched the show or bought the magazines with the story, then the parents stop making $ on the deal.

not2cute2bevil by not2cute2bevil | Portland, ME
Feb 03, 2009

Ok wait... if she worked for the fertility clinic, she wasn't always unemployed. It sounds like she was working, probably had insurance that covered the treatments and procedures and income to support the kids she already had. My guess is when she became bedridden with the pregnancy she either lost or quit her job - or maybe is on leave? I think I need a lot more information before I decide who is right and wrong here.

salome by salome | Houston, TX
Feb 03, 2009

It's her freedom to have as many children as children as she wants and it is also her responsibility to take care of them without extra care from society. Although with all the media hype, most likely she'll end up having a reality show.

minari by minari | SCARSDALE, NY
Feb 03, 2009

she is a product of a media oriented society. boycott her, boycott anyone who endorses her, gives her money. also, my opinion is that if YOU actively use the 'system' to enrich yourself, the 'system' has an active right to make decisions for you. IN other words, she used public assistance in all varieties to get herself pregnant, pay for the care of the children to live in a home too small...taxpayers in the form of CPS have the right to make the parenting decisions for her. I've stopped reading about her because I refuse to waste my time and energy even caring. all of the children belong in foster care and we need to stop paying attention to the WRONG decisions in the WRONG way.

Mom2twoBoys by Mom2twoBoys | Oregon City, OR
Feb 03, 2009

I agree with you girls!! It is ridiculous! She's going to see her "15mins of fame" disappear quickly. I heard she got a book and a movie deal?!? WTH? They are further endorsing "bad behavior". I do have to say good for her to get a degree (she's working on her masters) so as to make better money to support her kids..... but WAIT UNTIL YOU'RE DONE to have babies!! Ugh! Such irresponsibility all the way around. I fear something will happen to the kids because she won't be able to handle it. I agree with Jen above, too. With the rigorous, intense testing, interviewing, etc that goes into adoption, why didn't she go through the same? THIS CASE IS SO INFURIATING!

tlspencer by tlspencer | RIO RANCHO, NM
Feb 03, 2009

I just wonder who paid for all this. It's ridiculous for these doctors just in it for the money, but if she had the money to pay for the procedure at the time, who are they to be the judge and jury? She is definitely a candidate for some MAJOR psychiatric intervention though.

pvdela by pvdela | Lehi, UT
Feb 03, 2009

They shouldn't have offered her the procedure AT ALL, she can't even take care of the first six without depending on her parents for support and she clearly is doing it for a very immature reason, with no thought for how it impacts anyone other than her own selfish, childish desires. She should have been required to pass a psych exam to move forward with any of the procedures including the first one.

JBaity by JBaity | Lexington, SC
Feb 03, 2009

These doctors acted in a reckless and selfish manner, with no regard to the possible welfare of these children. They gave her the option of IVF only to make money, and possibly fame for being the doctors to deliver octuplets. How irresponsible of a doctor do you have to be to think it is a good idea to implant 8 embryos into an unmarried woman who already has 6 children & lives with her parents? You would think that somewhere along the line a red flag would have gone up and someone would have insisted that she seek psychological help. If she can raise all these children on her own, with out the help of our tax dollars then more power to her. However, being a single mother of 14, my opinion is that she will seeks the help of taxpayer funded assistance programs, & when she does we should send the bills directly to these doctors, since they are the ones who thought this was a good idea. These doctors should be held responsible for their reckless & irresponsible actions.

lucky1307 by lucky1307 | Weldon, IA
Feb 03, 2009

I don't think there is any question that this woman will be on welfare. Her own mother stated they are having trouble supporting the six her daughter already has. I think this woman is 100% selfish for doing this to her other children, her parents and these poor babies that were born under unnatural conditions.

am_i_lost by am_i_lost | Centralia, IL
Feb 03, 2009

My first question is; "who paid for all of the medical procedures so for?..the IVF, all the prenatal care, all the Dr.s and Hospital bills?" I'm sure tax payers!!! I will never understand why that is allow. If you can't/or won't take care of yourself financially why on earth should these Dr.s have helped her bring 8 more children into this world. The only thing I can think of is to get "Their Own Little Moment Of FAME!" SHAME ON EACH AND EVERYONE involved!!! Where are they going to be with the life long care of raissing these children? Unbelievable!!!

fostermomof5 by fostermomof5 | Pembroke Pines, FL
Feb 02, 2009

The birth of children is a blessing from God and happy is the man whose quiver is full of them. However, she didn't rely on God to provide her with children she took matters into her own hands and she will reap the consequence of taking on so heavy a burden and will obviously need the support of family and volunteers around the clock to care for so many. I have five children, three that I birthed and two adopted sons both age two from different mothers and I am a stay at home mom, former professional and I have a hard time keeping my sanity. The joy is immense, but the hard first two years is ahead for this woman and I feel her pain.

hairs2u by hairs2u | Lowell, MA
Feb 02, 2009

I thought it was a wonderful thing. To give this woman a family. Until I heard how many children she already had at home. Who could be so irresponsible to give this woman IVF when she did not need to have it. I know what it is all about to have these issues but When you have that many children already there was no need to put these babies at risk for all the problems that could occur.

trigg93 by trigg93 | WESTERN SPRGS, IL
Feb 02, 2009

The main issue is, can she care for all of these children? It is one thing is she can provide and care for all of these children, but if not then who is she really thinking about herself and her wants or her children?

franceen by franceen | Hillsboro, OR
Feb 02, 2009

They should of never let her do the treatment, considering she already has 6 kids. I thought that proceedure was for woman who had probblems concieving. I also heard that she works at fertility clinic, so whos to say the proceedure was even legal to do. I feel sorry for those little babys. This was a carless decission on this ladys part.. Lets all pray that the babys survive, for they are the victims of this whole mess.

kallagreen by kallagreen | Plano, IL
Feb 02, 2009

After I first heard of the births and people saying that it was ridiculous I was shocked that people would think that other people shouldn't have the right to have kids. But after finding out that she is single? and has 6 kids already is RIDICULOUS! I don't want to say anything about doctors because how many times to the implant that many eggs on other women and women either don't get pregnant or have one or two kids. I just think that something is seriously wrong with the mother. How do you expect to take care of 14 CHILDREN! I have two and I think about that everyday. Its not right that tax payers would have to help.