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Candice Straughter is the content creator and mastermind behind women's lifestyle blog, Naturally Stellar. Candice is a passionate creative with a love for beauty, fashion, music, natural hair and great food. When she's not busy being a rock star mom, an awesome wife or catching up on her British dramas on Netflix, you can find her sharing something interesting on her blog.    



Explaining Police Violence & Racism to Kids: What Do We Say?

Explaining Police Violence & Racism to Kids: What Do We Say?
in Parenting 
08.18.14     Read More & Comment

Minority parents are faced with explaining difficult subject matter to young children, much sooner than expected and there isn't much help out there to assist them with the necessary dialogue. What Do We Say? How Do We Protect Our Children? This article discusses frustrations as a black parent in…

Is Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs an Oxymoron?

Is Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs an Oxymoron?
in Living 
04.21.14     1

One of the hardest things about being an entrepreneur is knowing that some of the most important people in your life will never truly know or understand the amount of time, sacrifice, passion and work you put into doing what you love.

Naturally Stellar | Mamalaya Recipe

Naturally Stellar | Mamalaya Recipe
in Food 
03.14.14     Read More & Comment

Wanna be the star of your kitchen? Then make some Mamalaya. It's my little take on Jambalaya but with a milder, savory flavor and stick to your bones goodness that even the pickiest of eaters will love.

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