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  • Raabdebbie2019 By  Raabdebbie2019    

    My favorite!

    I love the light weight feel of the mineral powders and the right amount of shimmer to not overdo my look while in sunlight. I?ve gotten so many compliments and the slight fragrance is very good. The packaging is very cute and price was in budget. Love this product and would definitely recommend.

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  • cassandrametz96 By  cassandrametz96    


    Love this powder comes in a verity of colors and mattes your foundation if it?s so shiny . The brush application is very convenient

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  • Tray45 By  Tray45    


    What I love is the photo finish after setting and because I have oily skin the matte finish is a plus. I also love how the brush is incorporated.

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  • Josienika By  Josienika    


    Never tried this product before but would love to

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  • ProductiveStudying By  ProductiveStudying    

    I have oily skin and this powder just gives that perfect mattifying finish at the end.What I recommend is you set the whole makeup with a spray or else obviously it is not going to stay on.I would highly recommend you to try it.A must buy for me.

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  • Aprilnlayton26 By  Aprilnlayton26    

    This product does not stay on. Its a nice quick job but you wont get a ton of coverage with this. Not WORTH the 14 bucks you pay for it.

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  • ksayan By  ksayan    

    The makeup is fine, but I hated how the brush felt. I had to use another brush because it was just too hard/scratchy. It works, but it's not great for long wear.

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  • aim674 By  aim674    

    I gave this product two stars mainly because it is not at all suitable for dry/combination skin types. Although the coverage is initially great, after 3 hours it looks terrible. Clings to all your dry patches! I would not recommend this to anyone with dry skin. Stay away from the powder!

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  • sonyahg By  sonyahg    

    I got this before. Even with primer it doesn't really stay on that great.

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  • dawnabelair29 By  dawnabelair29    

    Too messy and doesn't stay on

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  • bluntlyhonest By  bluntlyhonest    

    I hated this makeup. Mineral makeup is always great but this particular one wow can we say SUCKS! the brush definitely wasn't made for the type of make up I have oily skin and it didn't help at all the product still looked cakey because you have to put a lot on just to make it look ok. I wouldn't recommend this product to ANYONE!

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  • Bayou715 By  Bayou715    

    Pros: goes on smooth...color matching fairly easy to achieve. Cons: the brush is too stiff and not very soft.....coverage for oily or combination skin won't last very long.

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  • zenmommacarla By  zenmommacarla    

    I have never loved a powder like this. I put this on and my skin feels smooth and looks amazingly even. I can throw away all my foundations. This matches my skin color perfectly and I can wear it alone for a natural look or dress it up with eyeliner and my favorite red lipstick and feel absolutely beautiful either way. I recommended it to everyone and will be buying this for life.

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  • Shortyjane77 By  Shortyjane77    

    I have been using L'Oreal True Match Mineral Makeup since it first came out. I have tried other brands when I have ran out, but always go back to True Match! This mineral makeup is perfect for my sensitive skin and always makes my skin so even!

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  • roadtosuccessllc By  roadtosuccessllc    

    Really like this, feels light on my skin. I didn't use it as a full coverage but more as just an overall complexion powder when I don't want to put on a full face of makeup and it was perfect for those days. Light feeling and controls shine.

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