YouTube Beauty Videos Will Soon Let You Virtually Try Before You Buy

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 07.01.19
YouTube Beauty Videos Will Soon Let You Virtually Try Before You Buy
Image: YouTube/AR Beauty Try-On

YouTube make-up tutorials and cosmetic reviews have become a game-changer for those of us that enjoy perfecting our daily beauty routines or just want to play around with different products for fun. But watching someone try on different products is not the same as seeing it on yourself and it’s always a gamble when you purchase a product before trying it on. Now, through some new AR (augmented reality) tech, trying on products you see on YouTube will soon become a reality.

Mashable reports about Google’s recent announcement this summer’s arrival of what is being called “AR Beauty Try-On”. YouTube’s branded content platform, Famebit, will partner with beauty influencers to bring viewers interactive videos allowing them to virtually try on the products that they see.

Seeing shades of lipsticks through the screen on your actual lips can help you decide if the product works with your skin tone or even your outfit. And though there are plenty of apps that allow users to virtually try on products, YouTube is hoping to use this tech in a way that will make popular beauty videos even more engaging for the viewer. Google’s statement explains the AR Beauty Try On saying, “We think they’ll help brands and advertisers make content more engaging, educational, and ultimately effective in driving purchase decisions.”

What do you think of the new AR that will allow YouTube viewers to virtually try on products while watching make-up tutorials and reviews?

Would you be more apt to purchase a beauty product online if you could use AR tech to try it on first?

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  • KFerrinis By KFerrinis

    I guess its good for a quick look but to be honest, as someone who uses ALLOT of makeup... trust me no matter how great the software, there are to many variables to factor in like the the color of your lips can effect the color of your lipstick, texture of the product, etc and those are just the 2 smallest of issues (picking your colors/makeup is hard enough without me saying 10 more issues that might make your next trip to get makeup stressful by trying to remember things you read here like a checklist lol). I'm staying with the tried trusted and true way to try things... on what your intending it to go on. Since every one of us has physically tried something on thought it looked great then bought it and realized when going to use it that it's not what you want, so if that can happen when physically wearing it (hence applying some variables but not all... like lighting and weather and what else you have on,etc. )

  • leighann83 By leighann83

    I think this is great

  • Connie1963 By Connie1963

    This isn't really that good.cause really everything looks better in person then online or picture I think

  • ellabellameg By ellabellameg

    Watching years and years on HBO, this isn't a surprise to me now.

  • JPAL7573 By JPAL7573

    yea because i feel like it would save me time and worry it might look bad

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    Great idea but I also see a lot of drawbacks. Also I've never found the display colors on my monitor/screen to be as accurate as actual product.

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