Women React to Coronavirus

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Mar 18, 2020

At SheSpeaks, our thoughts are with all of those impacted by the Coronavirus. We are wishing the best of health to everyone in our community and beyond.

We wanted to understand how women are feeling about the Coronavirus, so we sent out two surveys last week to ask SheSpeaks members to share their thoughts.

Read on to find out what women had to say, and join our discussion here to tell us what you think.

Here's What We Learned

  • Women Will Continue to Shop: While SheSpeaks members are already avoiding international travel (61%), public transportation (52%) and sports events (49%), few respondents are avoiding grocery stores and warehouse clubs: only 9%.
  • Attitudes about the coronavirus are changing quickly: in the three days between the surveys, members noted increasing concern about the virus while fewer members believed the media is overhyping the situation. 61% of respondents in the first survey report that their life had not changed due the virus, three days later that number was down to 43%.
  • They Are Spending More Time At Home & Online: As respondents tracked the virus, they reported increases in visiting online news sites (38%), staying at home (37%), watching the news on tv/cable (33%), and talking to friends and family virtually (26%) Click here for more detailed results.

REPORT: Women React to COVID-19 from SheSpeaks Inc.

*In an effort to better understand how women are feeling about the impact of the Coronavirus, SheSpeaks asked women age 18+ across the US to share their thoughts and experiences related to the Coronavirus. Two separate surveys were fielded: 1) On March 9th-11th 2020 2) On March 13th-15th 2020.

For more information about connecting communities with accurate Coronavirus health information, click here.

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Majestas by Majestas | DEERFIELD, IL
Apr 30, 2020

Avoiding stores entirely is impossible. People will always need things like food and household items. This is especially true for me now that we have a new baby, and I didn't realize how fast you go through certain things!

Our perception of the coronavirus has changed so much in such a short time. I'm not sure that things will go back to normal, but we'll have a new normal once all this is over. We don't even know what "over" will look like.

spud676 by spud676 | Greeneville, TN
Mar 23, 2020

I work for a supply chain so I am grateful to still be working throughout all this.

RachP03 by RachP03 | CHICO, CA
Mar 19, 2020

I am still working but when I go to clients' homes I am wearing gloves and masks.

216amyc by 216amyc | N ROYALTON, OH
Mar 19, 2020

I 'm still working at my office since working remotely is impossible for me.  

Katypugz by Katypugz | Marlton, NJ
Mar 18, 2020

Yes everything changed so quickly 

Rleer4 by Rleer4 | Minneapolis, MN
Mar 18, 2020

the new normal

jillmarie by jillmarie | stanhope, NJ
Mar 18, 2020

I took a stand at work and said I have to work remotely. There is no need for me to be around others if I don't have to. safety first!

itselainey by itselainey | Aliso Viejo , CA
Mar 18, 2020

This coronavirus perception has changed drastically within days!