Win a Pizza Prize Pack from NEW pizzeria! from DIGIORNO®

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 06.06.13
Win a Pizza Prize Pack from NEW pizzeria! from DIGIORNO®

Inspired by the great taste of pizzeria pizzas, new pizzeria!™ from DIGIORNO® is an entirely new frozen pizza experience, featuring only the highest quality ingredients, no artificial flavors and a preservative-free crust. The product is available in four varieties, each offering breakthrough dual-texture crust, a new flavorful sauce, and finished off with premium quality cheeses and toppings that will convert even the most skeptical frozen pizza consumers into instant believers.

Two members will receive a special pizzeria!™ from DIGIORNO® prize pack, including four full value coupons, a pizzeria style wooden pizza peel, a pizza cutter and a chef’s quality apron to enjoy pizzeria-style dining in your own home.

How to Enter
Comment below describing your favorite time to eat pizza and your preferred pizza topping.


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Two people will be chosen at random to win the pizzeria!™ from DIGIORNO® prize pack.

Congratulation to our two winners: Melmart1 and iloveny 

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  • Zerataku By Zerataku

    My favorite pizza topping is ham and pineapple, or green peppers, black olives, and mushrooms.

  • acauffman By acauffman

    The best time to eat pizza is when the kids aren't home so you can get all the "gross" toppings you like, black olives are my choice. served best with an ice, cold beer!

  • simbalala By simbalala

    This is the best Frozen Pizza. Whole family enjoys..

  • smeltzeramy By smeltzeramy

    I can eat any kind of pizza at any time of the day or night...It's the perfect food.

  • Momsday3 By Momsday3

    Friday night Redbox rental and a pepperoni is always the best!

  • Dina72 By Dina72

    I love pizza anytime of the day. It's actually a great breakfast food. The perfect combination of protein, carbs and veggies!


    I love pizza on a rainy day and little good thunder help to have a good horror movie on the TV too

  • ronaberrymorin By ronaberrymorin

    My hubby and I love to eat pizza for dinner during the weekend.

  • tbrjjt2013 By tbrjjt2013

    Anytime is good for pizza but especially when the weather is gloomy. I prefer supreme.

  • Jennoooo By Jennoooo

    my fav time to eat pizza is dinner and my fav topping is pepperoni!!

  • nicolelibra143 By nicolelibra143

    I love Pizza, my favorite is Digiorno pizza, I love pepperoni of course. (:

  • candyisverygood By candyisverygood

    My favorite time to eat pizza is during a weekend dinner with my family- surrounded by my loved ones, in other words. My favorite topping, regardless of where the pizza is from, is mushrooms.

  • kittybratt By kittybratt

    I enjoy pizza on hot nights where I do not want to cook dinner.

  • unfamiliarsmith By unfamiliarsmith

    Anytime is pizza time! My family tends to have pizza on Tuesdays as it's the night where everyone has something going on and we don't get home until late. Throwing a pizza in the oven while we settle in is a great late night dinner. I like mushrooms and sausage the best on my pizza.

  • kimberlybreid By kimberlybreid

    I love to have beef and bacon pizza during the NASCAR Races each weekend!

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