Will Junk Food Make it to the 2012 Olympics?

   By drodriguez  Jul 10, 2012

We recently heard news of Disney’s move to ban junk food from all future advertising. Now it seems that the 2012 Olympics, held in London, may be following suit on a junk food ban all in the name of reducing childhood obesity rates.

Time magazine reports about a recent vote from the London Assembly to ban certain Olympic sponsors like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola from advertising their high calrie food and beverages during the Olympic games.

One member, Jenny Jones of the Green Party, explains why she feels the International Olympic Committee should outlaw advertising products that are linked to the childhood obesity epidemic. Jones says, “London won the right to host the 2012 Games with the promise to deliver a legacy of more active, healthier children across the world. Yet the same International Olympic Committee that awarded the games to London persists in maintaining sponsorship deals with the purveyors of high calorie junk that contributes to the threat of an obesity epidemic.”

Though the International Olympic Committee is sure to discuss a possible ban amongst members, it is unlikely that they will be able to turn their back on the long-standing advertising giants like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola who add a large percentage of funding for the Olympic games.

What do you think of a possible ban on junk food advertising during the 2012 Olympics?

Do you think the International Olympic Committee depends too much on funding from McDonald’s and Coca-Cola to go through with a ban?



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Mobridget by Mobridget | new york, NY
Jul 11, 2012

I think it is up to the indivdual not the goverment .You start stepping into a slippery slope with this kind of stuff whe the goverment starts trying to be a nanny..There can be better placed ads promoting the lower calorie as well as the other foods and drinks. The Coke Cola company sells many products just not soda ,their water and juices can be promoted as well as the soda .

plogan721 by plogan721 | Columbus, OH
Jul 10, 2012

It is not that there should be a ban on junk food, I think it just take away one's freedom to decide. A better way would be to limit the advertising with an push towards more healthier foods and encourage exercising more.