Why Some Moms Believe A Sip of Wine Won't Hurt

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 03, 2012

Every parent who has ever had a glass of wine or beer in front of their young children knows they will inevitably hear questions like, “What is that? Can I taste it? Why can’t I taste it?”. Though most parents say no, there are some who feel allowing their child to take a sip of alcohol while they are young will hinder risky drinking later.

Time magazine reports about a new survey published in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine that reveals findings from over 1,000 mothers and their 8 or 9 year old children who were interviewed about their drinking habits and whether they would allow their child to take sips from an alcoholic beverage.

What the interviews revealed was that 1 in 3 moms believe that keeping alcohol from their young children will only make the alcohol seem more appealing later in life. Also, a third of the young children reported that they had already tasted beer or wine after a parent had allowed it.

Though many parents may feel taking sips from their drink will somehow curb their child’s drinking habits later in life, researchers involved in the study warn that this is probably untrue and may actually lead to early alcohol abuse. In fact, an earlier controlled study found that taking sips of a parents drink at age 10 usually predicted drinking by age 14. Lead study author Christine Jackson explains, “It is possible that an early introduction to alcohol, even when it is limited to sips and even when it is meant to discourage child interest in alcohol, could backfire…leading to more drinking later on. Public health education programs are needed so that more parents know that home drinking norms do not curtail risky drinking in peer contexts.”

How do you respond when your child is curious about what’s in the wine glass?

Do you think a young child taking sips from their mom’s wine glass would hinder or encourage drinking later on?



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Jcmarden by Jcmarden | Powers Lake, ND
Feb 28, 2013

I dont think letting your kids have a sip will make them alcoholic!! My 7 brothers and sisters all had sips growing up. and none of us are alcoholics. Same with my husbansd 10 brothers and sisters. we have big familys and all grew up with getting sips and none of us have alcohoic problems!!!

momsvoicetoday by momsvoicetoday | cleveland, OK
Oct 12, 2012

I don't agree to young kids taking a sip out of a wine glass or other alcoholic beverages, and by young I mean 13 or younger. But, I have let my older daughter take a sip. I know their are already people up in arms over this, but their is a reason. I have taught my daughter to not take drinks from anyone! Showing her that some alcoholic beverages you can not taste any alcohol. You can tell kids this, but if the haven't tried it, they will be curious. My daughter is a part of DARE, she's a good kid and she know's what dangers are hidden out there in this crazy world. She's called for help before stating there was nothing to drink but punch at a party and people were drunk. She was taught to be responsible.

itqtpie by itqtpie | DOYLESTOWN, PA
Oct 05, 2012

NO I do not agree taking a sip will encourage drinking. I grew up Italian with homeade watered down wine(sparkling water usually) and my husband had a german dad who let him have beer. Neither one of us ever had a fake ID or underage drank unless it was the inch or two our parents gave us. They never gave it to our freinds or allowed us to do it in front of them . We have raised our daughter the same. My Italian father and other realatives have watered down some for her too..it's in our culture an traditions. My husband and I rarely drink and if we do we only have a glass or two of wine and usually do so at home with no driving.Our daughter belongs to DARE and has a great head on her sholders and knows right from wrong.