Why Oprah Winfrey Believes Lindsay Lohan Will Stay Sober

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 11, 2013

For an actress that has probably spent more time in rehab than she has on the big screen, it’s easy to understand why not a lot of people will be betting on Lindsay Lohan staying sober for very long. But there is one very well known media mogul who has her eye on the actress and believes this last stint in rehab is the one that will stick.

People reports about Oprah Winfrey’s recent interview on Good Morning America where she revealed how she feels this time was different for Lohan. Winfrey, whose interview with Lohan will air on OWN August 18th, believes Lohan was finally ready to commit to being sober before entering rehab three months ago.

Winfrey also talked the actress out of taking a trip to Europe, which Lohan had already paid for. Winfrey explained, “I just came from Europe, and Europe is the place to go when you want to feel really good and relax. It's hard to go to Capri and not have a Bellini.” Apparently Lohan took her advice to heart and actually ended up canceling the trip.

What could Lohan have possibly said to Winfrey that made her come away with the feeling that the actress was ready to change? Winfrey explains to GMA, “I thought that she's in the best place that I've ever seen her. I believe that she believes that she is now ready. And she admitted that there were other times when she was pretending to be ready and not quite sure. And sometimes resentful that she was being, you know, put in a position where she had to go to rehab. I think this is the first time I could see it really benefited her.”

Do you think Lindsay Lohan’s recent 3 month stint in rehab will prove to be a success?

Will you tune in to see Lindsay Lohan’s interview on OWN?

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TheMrsTee by TheMrsTee | SPRING LAKE, NC
Aug 26, 2013

I already missed the interview on OWN but would watch it if it replays or I have an opportunity to get it online. I truly hope this is the last time Lohan has to go through this. Her talent and ability to reach an audience through the screen is something that is too valuable to be lost to drugs or alcohol.

d5sunshine by d5sunshine | Northford, CT
Aug 13, 2013

I hope this is it for Miss Lohan.