What to Eat to Turn Up the Heat

   By rlerner  Feb 16, 2010

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner it’s the perfect time to address the subject of libido. Did you know that 43 percent of women have reported some sexual dissatisfaction, including low desire?* There are many factors that can "turn off" our sexual appetite such as stress, lack of energy, fatigue, depression, anger and  worry. Luckily, there are also many things that can turn it back on--and they’re probably in your kitchen right now.

There are several foods which can help increase your sexual appetite. Here are the top 10:

Almonds - loaded with omega-3’s which can help our brains function better.

Avocados - also contain omega-3 fatty acids, plus the texture can be quite sensual.

Celery - contains a small amount of androsterone (male hormone thought to arouse women).

Chocolate - It is true, the way to a lover’s heart is through chocolate.  It contains phenylethylalamine ( a chemical that is increased when we are in love).  Just make sure it is at least 65% cacao.

Figs - high in amino acids and thought to increase sexual stamina

Folic Acid - foods rich in it such as organ meats, asparagus, egg yolks and whole-grains have been considered aphrodisiacs.

Ginseng- stimulates the adrenal cortex, which is where male sexual hormones are produced.

Nutmeg -  used in Indian medicine for enhancing desire.

Bananas - contain bromelain which is believed to increase libido and possibly even reverse impotence in men.

Oysters - high in zinc, which is associated with male sexual levels.  Maybe Casanova was onto something, eating 50 oysters a day for dinner!

In addition to eating the right foods, many times a low libido for both men and women can be helped by simply exercising.  Exercise increases our circulation by pumping blood and oxygen through our bodies and releasing "endorphins" or feel good chemicals.  Certain yoga postures (shoulder stand for men and butterfly pose for women) done before sex are known to be fantastic enhancers.

Now that you have your list of foods to help you get in the mood, also consider what you might not want to eat before your romantic encounter  Avoid heavy meals (such as pasta or fried foods) and opt for lean meats and vegetables. If you are looking for non-food ways to set the mood try some scented oils or candles--you can even try a food-scented candle such as vanilla or pumpkin pie. Sometimes all you need is a romantic gesture or special place to increase your sexual appetite. There are many ways to light your sexual fire: sensual, romantic, chemical or energetic.  Just remember to relax, exercise, have fun and incorporate some of these libido boosters into your life!

*According to the Journal of the American Medical Association

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spa-lady by spa-lady | EASTON, PA
Feb 25, 2010

All of the above foods sound wonderful, I might also suggest that a relaxing couples massage would help also!

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Feb 17, 2010

I'll pass on the oysters. But everything else, yum! I eat them every week and some of my faves. They also have nutritional benefits as well. Maybe now I'll sneak in a few extra bites.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Feb 16, 2010

Chocolate cures everything....for me : )

yoshimi4free by yoshimi4free | humble, TX
Feb 11, 2010

celery as an aphrodesiac?..... interesting. even more interesting - i didn't find strawberries on this list. we've been lied to all along!

pjclayton57 by pjclayton57 | Oceanport, NJ
Feb 10, 2010

I found this interesting, so thank you! I also believe that with all of today's pressures and hectic lifestyles, couple are spending less and less time together creating moments that enhance libido. It should be a priority to set aside at least some special alone time together; putting the day to day pressures and obligations aside - this can only help matters!