What Happens When Your Marriage Lacks Intimacy

   By ThisLadyBlogs  Aug 06, 2013

It may seem like it just happened out of the blue. One day your partner has lost interest in lovemaking. You have been married for several years and every thing was fine up until recently. Before now, it was happening a couple of times a week and now there is nothing. Of course when it happens, we assume the worst. You may think that they are having an affair, they are no longer interested in you or that they are no longer in love with you. These are definite possibilities however, there can be many other reasons as well.

Women like to have emotional intimacy and not just relations alone. If there aren't any emotions in the relationship, women tend to shut down. The relationship has to be strong in order to have a healthy, great intimate life.

Stress is a huge cause of the lack of intimacy in a marriage. Stress causes total exhaustion in both men and women. Between work and family life, mom and dad are tired and under a great deal of stress. If that is the case, both partners need to work on the underlying causes of your stress as a couple, that way you both have the energy for lovemaking.

If one partner is always the one asking, he or she may begin to feel rejected after a while. Even if you do not reject your partner when asked, you may still make them feel awkward because they think you are just agreeing, however, not really interested in it.

If your spouse or you are not interested in the technique that is being used, that could be contributing to the issue. The only way to fix this is to communicate with each other. Find out what your spouse likes and what they don’t like. You won’t know unless you ask and neither will your partner. This is a good way to clarify what is working and what isn’t.


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