Three Foodie Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

   By savvyjulie  Nov 11, 2011

I adore podcasts. Ask to see my iPod, and you will find that at least 90% of its contents are episodes of podcasts instead of music. Except for during the holidays, when I listen to seasonal music all day, every day.

I listen to podcasts when I am cooking alone, doing the dishes or cleaning. When I walk to the grocery store or the post office, I almost always have my headphones on. I’m sure I look a little odd sometimes when I start laughing out loud at a comedy show.

As a food blogger, it seems only natural that I listen to quite a few podcasts that are food-related. Here are three of my favorite food podcasts.

Let’s Get Real

Chef Erica Wides knows that not everyone can (or wants to) raise her own chickens or go to the Farmers’ Market multiple times a week. Instead of preaching an all-or-nothing approach, she offers way for you to start incorporating more “food” and less “foodiness” into your life, as much or as little as you want to. If you aren’t sure how you feel about the latest “local and sustainable” food craze, or want to know why people are so passionate about it, she will definitely give you a lot to think about.

Spilled Milk

Bloggers Matthew and Molly offer entertaining observations about food. Whether they are discussing exotic Thai salads or taste testing different brands of peanut butter, their podcast always makes me smile. One episode that was a personal favorite? Episode six, wherein Molly and Matthew taste the junk foods from their childhood and evaluate whether or not they are as good as they remember.

The Sporkful

Dan Pashman and Mark Garrison’s podcast sounds like a sports radio show, but for food. In each episode, they talk about the tastes, textures and ingredients that make for the perfect foods. From the “best” BLTs and chocolate chip cookies to the ideal picnic foods, they debate it all.

Do you prefer music or podcasts?  What are some of your favorites?

Photo from derrickkwa, Creative Commons 2.0

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