The Spa Week Secret Is Out

   By drodriguez  Oct 09, 2010

For those of us that have our manis and pedis on hold in an effort to save some dough may be packing it all in and heading to the spa next week.  An annual event called Spa Week makes it possible for people to spend the day at the spa more affordably.  Spas will be offering their treatments at a deeply discounted price of just $50 a service starting October 11th and running until the 17th. is a website designed to inform you of all the services the spas in your area will have to offer at the $50 price this spa week.  You can register on the website for free and just type in your zipcode to find out the treatments your spas will be offering at the promotional price.

Your spa may offer treatments that usually cost double and sometime triple the cost of how much it will be on spa week, like an hour long hot and cold stone massage, a 75 minute seaweed wrap and body scrub, hour long facials, etc.  You could be spending the whole day at the spa next week without breaking the bank.

What do you think of Spa Week?

Do you plan on taking advantage of the spa discounts next week?

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yamagirl by yamagirl | POWDER SPGS, GA
Nov 21, 2010

That is a great. we were just checking out prices for spas today for christmas presents

eldapc11 by eldapc11 | SANTA ANA, CA
Nov 08, 2010

Even with the deals, I still can't afford it.

coveredgirl by coveredgirl | EULESS, TX
Nov 02, 2010

I can get good deals in my area, DFW, using coupons etc. I dont have to wait for spa week!

musicmomma by musicmomma | LONG VALLEY, NJ
Nov 02, 2010

Wish things weren't as tight, financially, or I'd take advantage of this too! :(

jswank by jswank | New Hope, PA
Oct 27, 2010

I have been hooked on spa week for about five years now. They now offer it twice a year, and many spas extend it for an additional week. It offers an amazing "Sample" of the spa's products, which is nice when many have so much to offer!

mazo77 by mazo77 | Ayer, MA
Oct 25, 2010

I wish I had to time to get away!!

fishersonia by fishersonia | TEMECULA, CA
Oct 16, 2010

I NEED a massage, wasn't I just thinking of this two minutes ago when I ran after my 1 1/2 year old so he wouldn't bonk his head.

laurencel01 by laurencel01 | ROCK HILL, SC
Oct 15, 2010

I actually just purchased a hot stone massage for one hour for 55.00 but it wasn't for spa week. It was a special discount offered thru If I hadn't done that already, I would have checked this out!

indiequeen024 by indiequeen024 | Morris Plains, NJ
Oct 15, 2010

Although i love the idea of Spa Week, I don't think I've ever seen discounts for my favorite local spa :(.

fairyspeaks by fairyspeaks | NEW BRIGHTON, MN
Oct 13, 2010

it's for good cause,but the discount is not enough for me to go for a spa:( i wish it were more..!

staceylk by staceylk | Burnsville, MN
Oct 11, 2010

maybe for $25, but that is too much for me to spend on non-necessities right now

MadHatter by MadHatter | Whitestone , NY
Oct 11, 2010

I am a little tight on money right now after trying to pay off the final installments to my student loans and finally starting to save up. though this offer sounds like such a treat to myself after such a long days work and finally being debt free. At such a time, a little extra money in my pocket is worth saving for my future. :( sorry spa day...but i will have to pass.

konigin by konigin | atascadero, CA
Oct 11, 2010

It sounds really nice, I still don't have extra money like that though :(

Gin257 by Gin257 | LONG BEACH, NY
Oct 11, 2010

I love spa week!!!

nanduq by nanduq | MTN HOME AFB, ID
Oct 11, 2010

Oooh, this is great! Wish people were more aware of this week!