The School Lunch Saga Continues With Some Rules Reversed

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jan 02, 2013

With each month that passes it seems we sink further into the school lunch saga that’s taking hold in schools across the country. Back in October we posted about how many students had begun boycotting their school cafeteria lunches because they felt that the new federal guidelines for lower calories, healthier lunches just weren’t appetizing or enough to fill them up.

CNN now reports that after a popular YouTube video called “We Are Hungry” made by high schoolers in Kansas gained some attention, the White House responded by bending some of the new school lunch guidelines. Some of the rule reversals include allowing schools to serve spaghetti with meatballs AND garlic bread (bread had previously been removed because it loaded the meal up with too many grains). Peanut butter, previously banned with the chicken sandwich because it made for too much protein in one meal, is now back on the menu to dip with celery sticks.

Secretary Thomas Vilsack of the U.S. Department of Agriculture is not surprised by the changes and has said that they expected there would be modifications made to the new guidelines. Vilsack explains, “USDA has asked for, and states and schools have provided us with, valuable feedback.”

It’s still not known whether kids across the country are happy with some of the rule reversals, but teens in Kansas (especially the ones who made the video) are saying they’re satisfied. Dave Porter, superintendent of Wallace County, Kansas says, “Even though we're a small town in rural western Kansas, Washington did hear us. Our concerns were listened to.”

What do you think of the latest twist reversing some of the federal guidelines on school lunches?

Are you and your kids satisfied with school lunches?

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Capinnc by Capinnc | NASHVILLE, NC
Jan 20, 2013

People need more education on the topic of school lunches. Everyone is always quick with the answers.... They need more fresh vegetables... There is too much meals programs work with an extremely tight budget. Money and time are both tight. Sure it would be great to have all fresh foods straight form the garden prepared from scratch every day, but that is not realistic. There has to be a balance . In our district fresh fruits are available at both breakfast and lunch. We are part of the farm to school program that brings fresh local produce. And we have been making healthy changes for years? Find out the good things your districts are doing before you come to snap judgements.

Rabb02 by Rabb02 | Unsubscribe, OR
Jan 14, 2013

Garlic bread and spaghetti and meatballs? I never got food like that when I was in school. Our food was terrible. School lunches really need to be better. Especially for kids in lower income areas. For some thats the only meal they get.

MamaTutu by MamaTutu | Waterbury, CT
Jan 03, 2013

I am just grateful that my 5 year old prefers that I make her lunch everyday. I offer her the option every once in a while to get school lunch and she always immediately declines and requests that I make her lunch.

christinlilly by christinlilly | SIESTA KEY, FL
Jan 02, 2013

I think school food has a LONG way to go. They still consider french fries a vegetable. I am sorry but though tasty, potatoes provide NO nutrient once they are flash fried, coated in preservatives and chemicals, frozen, fried again then served. Our local county added creamed spinach to their menu...I am sure the kids are all the rave about that one!!! Seriously what kid, or adult for that matter, eats creamed spinach?!?! I wish they would offer more FRESH fruits and veggies and less processed and previously frozen foods. I pack my kiddos lunch and don't see that changing until the quality of the food increases.