The New Ride Share Service For Kids: Will You Use It?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 21, 2015

If you often feel like a chauffeur for your kids then you may be happy to hear that a new service is more than willing to shuttle your kids to soccer practice, school, a friends house or anywhere else they may need to go. The new ride share service called Shuddle was introduced by one of the creators of the Uber-like service called Sidecar, Nick Allen, and works with your smartphone app.

Today reports about the new ride-share service made specifically for busy kids and parents that connects passengers and drivers through their smartphones the same way Uber works. When requesting a driver you receive their name, car make and photo. Payment and tipping can all be done with a click of the finger and your kids can be off to piano practice in minutes.

This may sound super convenient, especially when you have a last minute meeting and your kids need to go in opposite directions. But many parents will obviously think twice before loading their little ones into a car with a total stranger.

Allen realizes parents’ concern and says, “The foundation of this whole thing is trust. When you create an account, you actually get a phone call from us welcoming you. We are there to answer any questions you might have, and parents have a lot of them.” The company also takes the time to conduct background checks and stipulates that drivers must have experience working with children.

What do you think of the ride-share service targeted to children?

Would you ever consider allowing your child to use Shuddle?


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