Thanksgiving Candy Turkey


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Thanksgiving Candy Turkey

Makes: 10 turkeys

Description: If you're looking for a fun and festive Thanksgiving dessert, make these incredibly fun candy turkeys with kids. Decorate sandwich cookies with your kid's favorite candies. Then, set them out on a platter after your Thanksgiving feast and watch them disappear!

10  Oreo cookies (or sandwich cookies)
10  Peanut butter cups (small)
10  Whoppers (malted chocolate balls)
50  Candy corn
20  Googley eyes
1  Tube white Icing
1  Tube black icing
1  Sandwich bag

Instructions: Open the sandwich cookie and add icing to the top half of each one. Press the cookies back together again. Stick candy corn into the icing between the cookies creating a semi-circle of candy corn. Add icing to a small sandwich bag and cut off one corner to create a pastry bag. Squeeze a bit of icing on one side of the peanut butter cup. Create the breast of the turkey by pressing the peanut butter cup onto the bottom half of the cookie. Do the same for the whopper but place it just above the breast to create the turkey's head. Cut off the tip of one candy corns and use icing to stick it on the whopper to create the turkey's beak. Use the icing to stick googley eyes on the turkey. Then, lay a sandwich cookie on flat surface to create a base and use icing to "glue" the turkey onto the base so that it stands up.

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  • Author image By aralph
    Dec 23, 2011   Edit

    Love cute. I'll probably use double stuff oreos and some frosting for the back of the turkey...might it easier to get the candy corn to stay put.

  • Author image By kristine0613
    Dec 12, 2011   Edit

    We made these at my sons boy scouts, the only negative thing I can say is that it was hard for the kids to keep the candy corns inside the oreo. But such a cute idea!

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