Thank You for Making 2014 a Sparkling Year

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Dec 31, 2014

Wow! 2014 has been an incredible year! As it draws to a close, we want to sincerely THANK YOU, our members, for your amazing contributions to making SheSpeaks the wonderful community it is. You are the heart of SheSpeaks!

Over the course of the year, you provided your insights, your opinions and your voice. Thank you for completing surveys, writing reviews, taking polls, sharing videos and Tweeting with us! This year, the SheSpeaks community has:

  • Shared opinions on topics ranging from shopping and social media to dancing, snacks, the World Cup and predictions for 2015; In fact, your opinions have been featured on news outlets like NBC, FOX and publications like Women's Wear Daily

  • Tested products from makeup to haircare products and air fresheners to drinks

  • Created unbelievable photos, Tweets, videos, and blog posts
  • Participated in numerous giveaways, with prizes ranging from Dooney & Bourke handbags, espresso makers and luggage to cosmetics

  • Interacted with us (and each other!) on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, SheSpeaks Forums, and Instagram

  • Participated in events and causes both online and in-person, from Pantene's Beautiful Lengths to Women In Need, to "trendy" parties on Twitter about college prep, homecare and cosmetics


You've trusted us with everything from the 'secrets' contained in your handbag - to what you think about the Miss America Pageant! You've told us about your favorite comedians, your most treasured pieces of jewelry, holiday movie traditions, and how you've been moved by the music of everyone from Billie Holiday through Iggy Azalea.

We have been learning, laughing, and growing all year, thanks to you!   

There is much more coming in 2015! We've already lined up some AMAZING program opportunities, surveys for feedback and awesome contests! We're also working on some cool new program opportunities for you!

We can't wait for next year, and wish you and yours a prosperous 2015!

The SheSpeaks Team

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illtryitnow by illtryitnow | DARIEN, IL
Dec 31, 2014

Happy New Year everyone!

ShellM4 by ShellM4 | RED HOOK, NY
Dec 31, 2014

Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2015 with Shespeaks!

Dec 31, 2014

happy new years to all, im excited about the new year here on she speaks thanks for the past year