Stamp-On Brows? The New Beauty Hack That May Not Be Worth Your Time

   By SheSpeaksTeam  May 25, 2017

You may have seen viral videos making their rounds recently that show off what looks like a miracle beauty tool. For all of us that spend far too much time trying to contour the perfect brow, enter the brow stamp that promises beautiful symmetrical brows in just seconds. All it takes is a dip into the brow powder and a quick stamp over your eyebrow and wa-lah - perfect brows...or not.

Allure reports about how the brow stamp may not be all it’s cracked up to be and many DIY beauty bloggers consider the new makeup tool to be an epic fail rather than the ultimate perfect brow hack. Some problems reported from those who have tried the i-Envy by Kiss Brow Stamp for Perfect Eyebrow is that it’s not easy to line the stamp up perfectly with the brow and the actual powder can be difficult to work with and patchy. The brow stamp also gives the brows a very unnatural, almost cartoonish look on a lot of women.

Instagrammer Sadiaslayy tried the brow stamp and it ended up taking her a lot longer than the 6-seconds advertised with some pretty unwanted results. She writes, “So I bought these brow stamps thinking hell yeah this could save me so much time! Ended up being a total fail. These suck. So I spent more time fixing them than I would have just doing them normallly.”

Others have had a little more success, but still realize the brow stamp is not as simple as videos have made it seem. Instagrammer Inkedblueeyes82 explains, “Giving the '6 second eyebrow stamp' a go 😂 Now that i'm coming to grips with it, i don't hate is as much as i did 2 weeks ago! Although my eyebrows aren't twin sisters, this works on 1 side pretty well but not so well on the other 1 😢 At the end, i tidied and carved out with my Urban Decay naked 'fair' concealer. I'm no beauty MUA blogger, please excuse the mess (aka my face).”

The moral of the story here is that it’s probably unrealistic to think you can get a perfectly contoured brow in 6 seconds by stamping your forehead. But for those who are brave and curious, the brow stamp is quite affordable at just $8.99 and available through Amazon.

What do you think of this new “beauty hack”?

Would you consider giving it a try even with all of the negative reviews?

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blackbettie37 by blackbettie37 | Corryton, TN
Jul 27, 2017

I do not like the shape that they offer the stamp in, my original brow line is kind of thin and the brow stamp is rather thick.

Arl62q1 by Arl62q1 | DAVENPORT, FL
Jul 09, 2017

Sure I give it a try most things are at least worth the time to try it out