Spread #PampersJoy With A Chance To Win Pampers Or A $25 Gift Card!

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Feb 12, 2013

Pampers is offering a special offer in the month of February. Receive free his and hers razors with any purchase of Pampers diapers on Walmart.com (Sorry, but the offer has sold out).

We wanted to offer you a chance to win a pack of Pampers in your choice of size OR a $25 Walmart Gift Card.

How to Enter

Comment below to tell us something that your favorite little person did today that put a smile on your face. It could be your child, a grandchild, or even your niece or nephew 


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Entries open until Thursday February 28th 2013. Open to U.S. residents over 18 only. The winner will be selected on Monday, March 4th.


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missyfw by missyfw | AUSTELL, GA
Nov 21, 2015

my son put on his iron man Halloween costume today and said he was help fight the bad guys for mommy lol

skittles4203 by skittles4203 | GLENDALE, AZ
Nov 13, 2015

My daughter spent a month in NyICU which gave her some delays. She sat up today & got the piece of food in her mouth!!!!! So excited!

Justmissash by Justmissash | CLATSKANIE, OR
Sep 03, 2015

I walked in to my living room and watched my 4 year old daughter singing to my 8 month old daughter and rubbing her hair and trying to teach her how to say momma and I love you. Later, my 10 year old son helped me with the dishes and the garbage, right out of the blue, he offered. And last night at bedtime, in the dark, I looked at my baby and she was staring at me. It made me smile, then she laughed. We could barely see each other but she thought it was funny. It's the best moment, when it's unexpected and all of a sudden, you just want to smile and laugh and feel your heart warm up!

JezykaSumpter28645 by JezykaSumpter28645 | lenoir, NC
Sep 29, 2014

My 20 month old thought it was hilarious to see mommy and daddy kissing so all week when she see us kissing she starts laughing and clapping.

BoysWillBeBoysMama by BoysWillBeBoysMama | SALEM, OR
Sep 09, 2014

My sweet two year old gave his little brother a kiss on his belly button and was so proud of himself. Love watching their relationship grow. :)

TomiClark by TomiClark | N LITTLE ROCK, AR
Sep 05, 2014

She asked me how my day went and gave me a big hug when I came home from work. SMILE!

leahe2011 by leahe2011 | dayton, OH
Dec 30, 2013

Today i picked my son up from his grandparents after not seeing him for two days. When i walked in the room my son was so excited to see m that he started runniung to me, but the dog wouldnt gt out of his way so he crawled under the dog to get to me!

momsgonecrazy by momsgonecrazy | santa clara, CA
Dec 03, 2013

My little person was so proud of herself for sleeping in her own bed :)

babyfreeflyer by babyfreeflyer | FOSTORIA, OH
Nov 24, 2013

My 3 year old autistic son called me mommy for the first time today :-)

azsurferchica by azsurferchica | Tucson, AZ
Nov 20, 2013

My not-quite 2 year old said "Thank you, mama." For giving her a glass of milk. I love that she's so polite! :D

levina by levina | WHEATON, IL
Sep 03, 2013

My little cousin cannot speak in english yet, she's very fluent in speaking our native language tho and today she heard me talking to our neighbor and suddenly blurted out "how are you?" Both my neighbor and I were surprised to hear her say that for the first time. It was so adorable. We both couldn't stop laughing about it. It was such a lovely moment.

siyue52 by siyue52 | Houston, TX
Aug 23, 2013

My niece let me read to her and gave me a hug afterwards. I think she realizes that not every grown up is making time for her. And even though it is just reading a book in little kids eyes it is a whole lot more in the grand scheme of their lives.

lorimangnall1 by lorimangnall1 | AUBURN, NE
Jul 08, 2013

My baby girl is noticing her own reflection more and more. Today w/ her play mirror she looked at herself, and raised her hands high up in the air like she was looking to see how big she was!

NeuroticAshley by NeuroticAshley | MINERAL, VA
Jul 08, 2013

My little one is turning three on Wednesday & he's going to the beach for the first time since he was seven weeks old. He's sooo excited - he gave me a huge hug today & told me I was the "bestest" mommy in the world. He kinda melts my heart. (:

Mommy_in_the_Making by Mommy_in_the_Making | Morrison, TN
Jul 08, 2013

My (almost) 11mth old daughter is the strangest little kid and I love it. Her way of showing her love is smothering your face with kisses (licks) and growling. That's how she wakes me up every morning and I can't help but laugh.